German Shepherd Records aim to release new and archive music for bands and artists that do not have the time/capacity to self release. We do not operate like a traditional label.

What we  do

  • Facilitate distribution of music via Bandcamp and Ditto to Digital Stores
  • Promote our releases via our Website/Facebook/Twitter/Google+ pages
  • Actively promote music via our network of radio DJs, podcasters, bloggers
  • Release both new and archive material
  • We are a not for profit label – all receipts go to the artists after Website running costs, Digital Distribution and Bandcamp and Paypal fees have been netted off. We do not take any income from the running of this label
  • We release material support charitable causes – our two main charities at the current time are Mary’s Meals and Coffee4Craig.

What we don’t do

  • We are unable to offer CD or vinyl production. However if you have got either CD or vinyl product of your own we can market it on Bandcamp for you and will advise you when something has been sold so you can mail it to the buyer.
  • We do not upload to BBC Introducing
  • In some limited instances because of the submissions policies of some radio stations artists will need to upload material direct.
  • We do not promote gigs. We put gigs on for our artists or for our very special friends but we are not promoters so don’t ask us to sort out a gig for you.

What We Need

  • Good quality wavs of your music.
  • MP3s of your music with correct ID3 tagging.
  • Artwork – good quality JPEGs – 3000×3000 pixels minimum and 4mB max size.
  • Lyrics – where appropriate
  • Track Credits
  • Facebook/Twitter/Website links
  • Background and Biography of the artist with photographs if available.
  • Copyright/License details – generally all items published will be All Rights Reserved or Creative Commons (with appropriate Attribution) as (c) German Shepherd Records. If you want different (c) applied please advise.
  • Your preferred release date – although we may need to alter this in discussion with you.
  • UPC/EAN codes if you have them – although these are provided by our distribution partners.
  • ISRC Codes for your tracks if you have them – although these are provided by our distribution partners.

How do we make a decision about what gets released?

We are fairly open about what we will release however we are aiming to feature interesting and left field music – if you sound like Oasis, Coldplay or Mumford and Sons for example, or are a covers band – don’t bother contacting us.

Release decisions are down to a mutual agreement between the two co-owners of the label.

We always have a large amount of new and archive music to release so there is a bit of waiting time involved. We always need around eight weeks before release date of processing time for any project.

How much do you charge for product, and how much money will you get?

For digital releases via Ditto we charge an upload fee for each release. After that any sales go straight to the artists. The charge is to cover our Ditto registration fee and the costs of running this website. The rate will depend on the type of release and number of tracks. Generally it will be £2 for a single, £4 for an EP and £7 for an album but this may vary depending on the length of the album. This gets you a digital slot with

I Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Play Music, Napster, Medianet, 7 digital, Rdio, Deezer, zvook, Slacker Radio, Nokia, eMusic, 24/7, Shazam, akazoo, asprio, kkbox, and saavn.

For digital releases via Bandcamp fees are charged by Bandcamp and Paypal. You will receive the net value of any sales once these fees are collected.

Any earnings you make will be sent to you as a balance transfer via Paypal so it is vital that you have a Paypal Account if you are going to be using our label. Balance transfers will be made every six months around three months after any sales.

If you are interested contact us on our Facebook Page via private message

or use the Contact Page on this website.