Andy T

Andy T. was known for being one of the few anarchist solo artists that was also a poet.

In 1977, he formed Reputations In Jeopardy  with  Chris on bass, Siobhan on guitar, Jane on drums and later on Chris ‘The Joiner’ on second guitar.As time went by, the girls left and  John Maher from The Buzzcocks took over on drums. This line-up recorded the track ‘Girls love Popstars’ on the first Bullshit Detector album which included three further solo tracks including ‘Fuck the CIA’. Around that time Andy met Crass and they became interested enough in his work to help him release a single on Crass Records.

By 1983 life and disillusionment with the music biz meant a lengthy hiatus until Andy returned in 2012 to releasing materual with a single and album via All The Madmen records. Andy tours regularly.


In 2014 Andy gave us the go ahead to release his Collaborations EP in digital format.