Black Limousine

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Formed in 2018, Black Limousine is a three piece alt-rock band from Manchester, UK.

  • Mark Taylor – Guitar, Vocals
  • John Pew – Bass
  • Neil Mykowski – Drums

‘Dressed in Black’ is a blistering debut with its heavy, sludgy guitars, macabre undertones and soaring rhythm section calling to mind great alt rock-sounds of the 90s such as Rollins Band, Helmet and Filter. The track was produced by Simon ‘Ding’ Archer (Pixies, PJ Harvey, The Fall) at 6dB Studios in Salford.

Cover 300 DPI Black Limousine Dressed In Black

Of the single lead singer and guitarist Mark Taylor says: It’s about a person who basically takes no joy from anything, despite having the opportunity to be involved in moments and experiences of joy in their life. It’s about people who are just completely self absorbed, paranoid and no awareness of the good that’s around them.

‘Vampire’ is an audacious and visceral thrill ride which glides along an infectious melody, hypnotic guitars and the moody vocals of Mark Taylor.

Taylor states:
Vampire is a rant about people that you know/meet – in society, family, all aspects of social interactions – who leech onto others, selfishly taking what they can, when they can without giving anything back until they have no use for that person anymore.

Mark Taylor (Four Candles),who is a seasoned musician on the Manchester underground music scene, recruited bass player John Pew and drummer Damien Hughes (Peter Hook / Monaco) to form Black Limousine.  Damien left in 2019 to be replaced by Neil Mykowski (The Ascension, The Sombre Watcher) .

The band mixes stoner rock influences with punk and new wave sounds to make their own brand of crossover rock.


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