Dominic says…….

“I have always been involved in music from writing songs as a child to playing in teenage groups.

Eventually setting up my own music practice in 2007.:check out…

I started my current course by going the singer/songwriter route and playing The Castle on Oldham Street Manchester with Ria’s Riots and rebel music nights and getting involved with other promoters and playing around the Northern Quarter.From that I started to play at Embryo Nights at the Kings Arms, Salford,.gradually fusing in friends no matter what musical ability into various forms of a group that would later become The Beautiful Distractions who played regularly at Fuel, The Crescent and the Ducie Bridge.

My only Idea with the band at the time was to create a scene in and around the city I was born in….. .Gigs, nights out, friendships, drinking, meeting other bands…

A short lived but peak line up of that band happened and we recorded one single but eventually disbanded 2 years ago.

In the meantime I’d got together a version of Cubase and started to teach myself the basics of audio production .This seemed the logical next step and in the next couple of years started to work on songs which would eventually become my first release for the label

Having No intent when making it other then to produce good pieces of music.  When I listened back to it on completion I had the urge to do something with it.

I’d heard of German Shepherd through friends who went to their gigs and this attracted me to them.

And happy to be here now at this point.

The Future..Produce more music for myself and the label and to find the right mix of musicians again to play live and gig under the German Shepherd umbrella.

I will always wish to feature guest musicians and friends on tracks.

I work mainly alone but also with the help of my friend and technical support bloke Matt Hardman who is an invaluable member of this set up.”

Dominic’s first EP was released in March 2017.