Drink And Drive

Drink And Drive are a chaotic yet compelling combination of shouted word vocals and primal musicality. The songs are often repetitive in structure but veer wildly in subject matter from one verse to the next. There are no love songs in their repertoire. The lyrics can be brutal, belligerent and sometimes bizarre yet the songs carry a sardonic humour throughout. The music is reckless and naïve, sometimes a short, sharp post-punk shock and sometimes epic, brooding and oppressive. The band believe in music as being just part of a greater artistic gestalt.

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The band formed in 2008, and after hearing their prospective guitarist play, front-man Ben promptly put him on drums and, with no previous experience, bought a guitar himself. Seven weeks later Drink And Drive did their first gig. Since then they have remained faithful to the no-wave, DIY ethic and relentless gigging saw them bag support slots with Future Of The Left and The Fall, both big influences on the band’s sound.

After a 4 year life interlude Drink And Drive are now gigging again, with a new drummer and new material including sections about Prague beggars, Theatre Workshop job applications and an adult pig suit, whatever that is, as well as all the old songs which travel from alternate theories of gravity, through Fritzl’s house, past the place where Lennon was shot before arriving at the gates of the recession, staring hopelessly into the abyss known only as ITV2.

The new drummer is Jonny and he joins Ian (Bass), Chris (Guitar) and Ben (Vocals, Kazoo, Guitar) in this post-punk, post-rock, no-fi, krautrock sludge drone triangle known as Drink And Drive.

We released their debut album “This Is What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food” in December 2017.


We distributed their debut EP “Bad Times In Summer” in March 2018.