Filed Fangs

Time for something new?
It is “Calcify” – a track NOT a single.
A hint.
An introduction. The first of many tracks from a staggered album – a collection of songs that will track by track / drip by drip / bite by bite reveal a body of work
Distressed sounds, walls of guitars (bass and lead), layers of keyboards
Snatches of vocals, needle hitting red, music from a broken radio just off the dial through a splintered culture, motes of sound breaking through.
Calcification – hardening, insoluble deposits, disruption of systems and functions
They are Filed Fangs – Paul (Slum Turkeys) and Boz (Flea) collaborating – echoes of sound from Manchester 30 years back brought up to date. Time flowing back and forward, echoes and future memories.
Grunge, dub, electronica, noise.
Epic and enigmatic.
When everything else these days sounds like somebody else’s stuff  (recycled post punk brit pop blah blah blah) this sounds unique, special. compelling. Something to get your teeth into?