Four Candles

Four Candles is a band comprising of bassist John Bardsley , drummer Phil Peak , Middlesbrough s finest export Mark Taylor on guitar and ex Hamsters vocalist Ian ” Moët” Moss.

The band formed in June 2016 with Jon Rowlinson on bass and it was soon evident the creative chemicals were flowing between the four individuals producing vibrant exciting music.  Low on funds they scraped together enough cash for sixteen hours studio time in November , in five hours  ten tracks were recorded at 6dB in Salford by Simon “Ding” Archer in one or two takes with minimal overdubs , the next eleven hours saw the album mixed. The debut album “Killing The Image” released in April 2016.

Extensive gigging followed with the quartet being the “house band” at Ian’s Manchester Meltdown events in 2017 and 2018.

Mini-album Spiritual Rapture followed in June 2018 which features saxophone from David Wilkinson. CD only versions are available on Bandcamp with album being split into three singles for digital release.

The band continued to play live with appearances at Strummercamp and Salford Music Festivals as well as dates outside the Manchester area.

The third album Nettle Rash was released in June 2019 with guest vocalist Anne and Julia from the band Matthew Hopkins.

All three albums were recorded at 6dB studios in Salford with Simon “Ding” Archer (The Fall, Pixies, PJ Harvey). Ding also plays keyboards on the albums.

A new EP arrived in June 2020 featuring lots of guests, all proceeds from the Bandcamp Sales of this release going to support The Peer Hat venue in Manchester.

Jon Rowlinson left the band in 2021 to be replaced by The Ombudsmen’s bass player John Bardsley.

Four Candles Strummercamp
Live at Strummercamp
The Original Line-Up

Four Candles are often joined by their illuminating backing singers The Matches who just happen to be Julia and Anne from Matthew Hopkins.

The Matches
Strummercamp 2021