Beret toting, theremin wielding, Loop-aznavour is a one-man punk band with an electronic edge. Also, the lead singer with Adventures of Salvador Loop brings tales of mystery, mayhem, meat and murder to your front parlour with a snarl, a smile and a smattering of tongue in cheek humour.

Ian Moss says:

I first encountered Loop a few years ago at the alternative cabaret and cultural gem that is Prestwich’s Shangri-La night; he was following a troupe of thespians performing a clog dance and before a glove puppet conceived of a car wash sponge

Mr. Aznavour exploded on the stage between the two other acts, a whirling dervish manipulating sounds from his theremin, dressed all in black and singing his black humoured tales with lusty gusto, one to watch out for I thought.

Some two years down the line Tony Thornborough of Salford City Radio , sent me a link to a brand new artist he’d discovered, Loop! , “Yes I’ve seen him Tony” I responded, “he’s great”.

Another year passed and Loop showed up at my gig at the Kings Arms distributed CDs of his songs and left before I had chance to say hello, Fate and the aforementioned Mr Thornborough finally conspired to arrange a meeting, I found him stimulating company, he played me more of his music , this must be shared thought I …..  

He has also worked with Ian Moss, and The Junta to produce some challenging, captivating and sometimes very funny releases.

Loop has also worked with Ian Moss, and Moff Skellington as part of the alternative cabaret “Smoked Ears Will Not Grow Back”.