Moff Skellington

Moff Skellington is an iconoclast blessed with a unique talent with words and music that defies convention and operates in a separate and quite distinct time continuum to the rest of the world of entertainment. His prolific and prodigious output, over forty albums and one DVD since 1999, offers some of the most exciting and challenging work you are ever likely to hear. Aside from his musical endeavours he is also a gifted and talented visual artist who has exhibited his unique painting and drawings in many different locations. He has recently moved into the world of video to create a fascinating marriage of his paintings and music.

The vast majority of the Moff Skellington albums are home recordings, on which he sings, talks and plays a variety of instruments, including accordion, melodica, harmonicas, whistles,guitar, huttyphone, stylophone, bodhran, jaw harp, kalimba, dulcimer,  tenor horn, baritone euphonium, various percussion and elastic bands.. The results are then mixed and mastered to create amazing collections of songs and poems. Artifice is restricted to the occasional appearance of a drum machine or a Stylophone, as, having grown up in the seventies, such instruments are very much part of Moff’s personal tradition.

Moff’s manifesto is simple and quite direct

“The chosen musical form is that of Eddodi, a species of folk music which celebrates the very individual and often skewed perceptions of the world engendered by modern life. Eddodi is a balance of the tragic, the absurd and the wistfully ordinary and not just a crack round the head with a pig’s bladder. Eddodi provides a refreshing alternative to the prescriptions and formulas of mainstream and “alternative” folk music. Eddodi philosophy: nothing is arbitrary. Make it up as you go along, it’s bound to be authentic!”. 


All releases were initially released via the Uterus Cottage label and will be appearing via German Shepherd in due course

Eddodi (1999) – to follow

In addition a selection of Moff’s albums are released by Invisiblegirl Records:

  •  The Corrosive Norm (2007)
  • Sperm Jingle Harvest (2008)
  • Gravy On A Plate Of Food (2009)
  • A Book Of Fretful Chums (2009)
  • Blues House and Titty Bottle (2009)

Moff has also produced a series of podcasts which are available as Pay What You Want

Moff also works alongside Ian Moss as “Moss Skellington” and “The Colourful Disease”, and has also collaborated with Auster Boys, and with Hazel Fairburn as Sleeping Ducks.