Positronik – a unique marriage of pop, indie, soul, disco, and electronica, brimming with superb melodies and catchy hooks.

Positronik 2017

So how come the fickle world of music did not latch onto a band with a marvelous set of tunes and make them superstars? Hard to say really but of the work of the trio from that emerged from the first line up of Pearl Divers brightened the music scene up considerably in Greater Manchester-land between 2010 and 2014.

We released a posthumous album in October 2014 which collected the majority of their work.

Three years later they have decided to have another go at it, with a new singer, and new material is being worked on and live dates are being penciled in. All three members will be familiar to German Shepherd followers – Jeff “Captain” Black writes the songs and plays guitar, John “Monty” Montague (The Junta, Kit B) plays the bass, and Nathalie Haley (ex Pearl Divers) sings.