Space Museum

Space Museum is the solo project of label co-owner Bob Osborne, one of many projects in which he is involved i.e. Passage of Time, Auster Boys, The Parasite. Bob was originally part of the duo Markoz between 1971-3, and, following time away from music formed the Auster Boys in 1982 with Bob Stow. Originally playing guitar and keyboards Bob moved to wholly computer based composition in the late 1990s. Space Museum was created in 2014 as a vehicle for his work with German Shepherd Records.

Material is exclusively written using Ableton Live. There are occasional partnerships with vocalists and other label-mates. Following an initial partnership with KP2 , Ion-Morph, and House Mouse (Ian Moss) and a couple of solo releases Space Museum was put on hiatus for three years but returned in Spring 2019 with new material. A further  new album and a single emerged in the summer of 2020.