Staggs are Michael T Scott and Paul Ridley.

They were born out of a one-off experimental remix of their own anarcho-punk track from the early 80s. The production is wholly contemporary but the anger of that era lives on in their energy, lyrical content and vocal expression. With a healthy cynicism towards British culture contained in the wealth of nostalgic samples and a bizarre smattering of French language thrown in for good measure. STAGGS give a sly “clin d’oeil” to 1970/80s Britain.


“Creative oddball DIY alt-hop, with a punk attitude and an oblique point to make”. Flies on You

“Like Heaven 17 after too many funny mushrooms, astonishing”. The Shend.

“An amazing mix of sounds and genres melded into a seamless piece mirrors, but does not ape, John Zorn’s early 8os experiments in composition and form.” Aural Delights Blog

Staggs releases

Staggs self released a number of titles before joining us at German Shepherd