Stereopod are Mark Thomson and Drew McLatchie.

Scottish duo, Stereopod are a musical collaboration born out of a shared love of guitars and synths who blend elements of electronica, rock, metal and film soundtracks to create evocative soundscapes that take you on a journey, often to seldom travelled parts, sometimes returning, sometimes not..

The guys have been friends since school, and have collaborated informally on a number of occasions over the years but Stereopod is the first of these collaborations to be released into the wild. The band’s music distributed to date has been very well received and they hope that the album release via German Shepherd continues to impress to the same degree. Currently a predominately studio based project, Stereopod are hoping to pull together a workable live rig which will allow them to bring an exciting audio ( and visual?) experience to audiences in the future.

Stereopod are open to and encourage collaboration, and would be keen to work with video artists and filmmakers in particular.

Videos accompany some of the tracks on the album which can be found here –

Their album was released in October 2016 on Bandcamp receiving wider distribution in October 2017.