sycloner is a collaboration between Peter Greasley (Vocals) and Daniel Cunnington (Guitar) and is based in Brisbane-Gold Coast (Australia). Originally meeting as members of the band Dream Circle (BMG), Daniel and Peter reconnected in early 2018 to create the indie-pop sound of sycloner. Daniel writes music and plays guitar from a diverse music base, including classical concerts and recordings. Peter writes, sings, bass, and keyboards.

sycloner band photo 2019

First coming to the labels attention through Bob’s Aural Delights radio show we agreed to work with Peter and Daniel to promote their already released pair of EPs with the idea of releasing a third EP in due course. We were impressed by the quality of their songs and their classy sound.

Their first three track ep “Not Without You” was released in December 2018

Their second four track ep “Lost and Found” was released in February 2019

The third EP “In And Of Itself” was released on September 27th 2019 the first with German Shepherd

The fourth EP “Running Interference” was released on August 7th 2020