Electric Cheese

Electric Cheese are an original rock n roll trio from the southern swamps of deepest central Lancashire.

Killer riffs and driving rhythms are the staple of their sound.

Formed during the spring of 2014, their shared love of all things curd-like helped Jason Gorgonzola (vox), Tommy Brie (bass), and Matt Crumbly Lancashire (drums) develop a varied set of songs that range from the swirls of Leopold’s Apple to the galloping rhythms of Camels, via the achingly beautiful tale of dredge teams in Nome, Alaska, in Gold Divers: Under the Ice.

Since Tom and Matt’s departure, their shoes have been filled by Al Superstar Green (drums) and Allan ‘Cheddar’ Tanner (bass).

Al’s retirement from rock and roll has led to the recruitment of drummer Mike ‘Mozzarella’ Carling.

Having already garnered airplay on Salford City Radio, Tircoed 106.5, Australia’s Valley FM 89.5, and California’s KBYD Radio – and with many rapturously received gigs under their collective belt including performances at the Salford City Music Festival and Chorley LIVE!

Photo by Michael Collier

They have played various renowned venues in Manchester and Liverpool including The Crescent, Salford (RIP!), Night & Day, Mono, The Dulcimer, Fab Cafe and The Jacaranda.

They have supported a number of superb bands including Mr Heart, The Hamsters, Factory Acts, The Things, Monkeys in Love and Japanese band King Brothers as well as supporting former Inspiral Carpets front man Tom Hingley’s band The Kar-Pets at Preston Guild Hall.