The Mind Sweepers

The Mind Sweepers are from South West Scotland comprising Paul Winter (vocals/rhythm guitar/keys/lyrics), John McInally (lead guitar), Mark Jardine (bass), and Bryn Thorburn (drums/percussion/photography). They were formed in May of 2014.  All their material is original and could only be described as eclectic with regard to genre.

They have enjoyed relative success with regard to securing gigs in their local area of South West Scotland, and farther afield with gigs in both Manchester and Glasgow. Any fees secured from playing live usually go into paying for studio time and they are slowly getting their first studio album recorded.

Their songs are drawn from life, usually affairs of the heart, and observations on contemporary life. The lyrical content of the songs aren’t PC, and they are adult in their subject matter and language, you can only write about what you know after all.


Bryn is also the force behind The Screaming Love Collective where Paul sometimes provides guest vocals.

To date the band have released one single with us which featured previous line-ups.