The Wonders of Undo

Chris and Phil Lukes

Having shared parents, clothes, records and flats, Chris and Phil Lukes have always been close. For a short time, they were in a band together, Phil on bass and Chris on drums before he left, in a George Best moment, disenchanted with teammates. Phil continued in various bands, ending up as bass player, vocalist and songwriter in Dislocation Dance.

Chris and Phil have been collaborating on and off for over 16 years, initially to explore ideas around simply learning how to record and produce music using the computer. These experiments grew into The Wonders of Undo; harnessing found sounds and loops, making a fair few noises of their own and honing their ideas into (so far) a catalogue of three completed projects.

In 2021, the Lukes boys are closer than ever, despite being separated by 13,000 kilometres. “Much of our music,” says Chris, “starts out based upon whimsy or bad puns; things that make us laugh, but often turns out to be quite deep and meaningful. Still, we haven’t let that stop us!”