2 Lost Souls

Two Lost Souls are Paul Rosenfeld and Ian Moss.

Following a successful collaboration on Moss’s Words and Music album, and a Mistletoe single the pair have worked together to create a truly unique album combining Moss’s words and Rosenfeld’s classic guitar stylings. Long time Moss fans will find new directions here with a soundtrack more associated with rock, blues and soul rather the usual post-punk output.

After a few aborted attempts to learn to play guitar in his teens with bands, Paul Rosenfeld was recruited to play rhythm guitar in Wythenshawe’s Radioactive Shoulderblades. A band that specialised in recreating mickey take versions of other under performing Manchester bands in order to goad them, highly unpopular, they managed to be banned from every venue they played becoming adept at filling a tiny car with band and equipment in under a minute, doing a runner efficiently whilst leaving behind the ensuing mayhem. Not being cut out for an early death Paul then decided he wanted a quieter life and began playing in other bands none of which got to the gigging stage but allowed him to improve and work on his song writing chops. He was then asked to join Manchester stalwarts Dr Filth, who a year or so afterwards recruited Distractions vocalist Mike Finney and renamed as First Circle. Work then took him abroad and he returned ending up living in London where he played in several bands, the last of these being alt country outfit Ultimate Behemoth. The band’s main aim was to finance the singers desire to move to Spain with his family which once that had been achieved it allowed them to disband much to the relief of the American roots music community of London. Illness prevents Paul from playing live currently and since being hit by his condition he has been writing tunes for his own enjoyment. He had  heard what Ian Moss had been doing musically via internet radio having been aware of him from seeing the Hamsters play live several times in the late seventies. He subsequently contacted him and so began a friendship and songwriting partnership that has resulted in 2 Lost Souls.