Umbrella Assassins

Haverhill, Suffolk, home of Shed Punk and Umbrella Assassins.

Umbrella Assassins are Steve – Guitar, Vocals;  Bunge – Bass, Vocals, and Garry – Drums.

We first met them in Cambridge Calling Volume 1 and since then we have been assiduously working our way through their massive back catalogue of 28 releases pre German Shepherd Records. Ian reckons the new stuff sounds like Ladbroke Grove era Hawkwind/Deviants/Pink Fairies, Bob reckons they have a Stooges vibe. They both think they are great! Here’s a pre-Kennel example.

They invented Shed Punk but for the purposes of working with German Shepherd they extricated themselves from said Shed and went into The Crunch. The Crunch, in Norwich, was an Operations Control Centre during the Battle Of Britain. Initially built in 1939 as a Decontamination Centre for chemical warfare, but converted into the Operations Control Centre after a year. It’s just over 3000 square feet. They recorded live onto 7 tracks of a vintage 8 track reel to reel tape machine, using vintage mics, vintage drums, 70s little 5 watt WEM guitar amp.

UA Crunch

They are influenced by, but may not contain, Joy Division, Oh Sees, Idles, Jay Reatard, Slaves, The Minutemen, Black Flag, The Fall, Sleaford Mods, Pixies, The Replacements, Beck, Sonic Youth, & many more.

They say

3 years ago Umbrella Assassins were reborn in Steves shed. Escaping everday lifes boredoms and unpleasantness, making a haven for creativity and the appreciation of beer at the bottom of the garden. The punk trio would go on to create something special, that would change their lives forever, Shed Punk!!!

April 2020 saw the release of a brand new album from the shed! Entitled “Humanity” it’s the story of a space traveller returning to earth…’s a podcast from the band which sort of explains it all….