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Aidan Cross- vocals, rhythm guitar
Stephen Sarsen- lead guitar
John Armstrong- bass
Anthony Edwards- drums

Weimar, a four-piece Art Rock band based in Manchester, released their debut single, the double A-side “John Doe/Curse the Songs” on Friday 1st February. Both songs were produced and mixed by Simon ‘Ding’ Archer of The Fall, Pixies and PJ Harvey fame. The single was released digitally by German Shepherd Records and physically by Weimar’s own label Marlene’s Hat. Its release was accompanied by a special launch gig at The Eagle Inn, Salford, at 7.30pm on Friday 1st February with support from Sticky Pearls, Dominic Carlton Jones and Geneviève Walsh.

Weimar have played regular gigs on Manchester’s underground circuit since 2017 and have been included in Louder Than War’s 50 New Bands for 2019. Their music incorporates elements of Post-Punk, Indie and Experimental Rock together with touches of Cabaret, Chanson, Alt Folk and Dark Circus. Aesthetically and lyrically they take influence from historical and cultural sources, basing their image and outlook around the German Weimar Republic of the 1920s. Their songs are preoccupied with the seedier side of culture and the darker elements of humanity, and the need for cultural and artistic rebellion in the face of political oppression.

Weimar are currently working on their debut album while continuing to gig regularly. The album is tentatively scheduled for release in the Spring of 2020.


“The skill and uniqueness of Weimar… lies in their ability to express personal observation and tune into the undercurrents and untold stories of society, wielded through unabashed art pop which unfolds in layers, often linking to the past.  

‘John Doe’ is a track which opens with beautiful plucked guitar, mood building with the slide of bass before those signature glistening guitar hooks come in – a feature of Weimar’s music I have come to love and crave. Weimar are a band which celebrate the storytelling capabilities of music, interweaving intelligent lyricism with resounding rhythms as we become acquainted with the character of ‘John Doe’.. the embodiment of a concept many of us know all-too-well. The track creates catchiness without the cliché, energetic builds and bursts of beat and guitar, topped with undulating vocals for a tale which enchants and evokes.

‘Curse The Songs’ is a stand-out track of lush atmospheric build and gripping vocals immersed in echo and emotion. A wholly refreshing change from the variety of songs out there which seek to parody high-profile individuals and fall short of the mark, ‘Curse The Songs’ is excellently executed, navigating a whole narrative and impactful instrumentation to deliver an intelligent kind of outcry against those musicians who seem to swing far to the right in their older age. Building in energy, bringing together bolstering bass with a deft jangle of guitars and glistening edges to the sound, when combined with Aidan Cross’ expressive delivery, this makes for a track you will want to listen to, time-over. A band clearly capable of creating intelligent upbeat with topical and artful depths.” Emily Oldfield, Louder Than War.

“You know when you get that chill up your back when you hear music that is genuinely different and exciting…..? The most important band to come out of Manchester since Magazine” – Aural Delights Blog

For the listener, the weight of anticipation can sometimes tip the balance of appreciation the wrong way, leaving he/she underwhelmed by what’s been presented after a long wait. Fortunately for this listener, that wasn’t the case with the debut single from Weimar which has just arrived fully a year after I was first told about the new venture by singer Aidan Cross. ‘John Doe’ has a great pounding bass line wrapped around scratchy guitar and a vocal with real presence. Better still, ‘Curse the Songs’ builds over four phases from a relatively quiet opening to a galloping second section, a thrilling third and an epic finale with a vocal that matches each passage with relish. Highly recommended.” – Dave Hammond, The Smelly Flowerpot on Cambridge 105 Radio

“An early contender for single of the year – brilliant stuff!” Stephen Doyle, Salford City Radio


The Sound of the Crowd 

My Vinyl Dreams


Please contact the band via any of the following platforms for interviews and further info:

Official Website – http://weimarbanduk.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/weimartheband
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/WeimarBandUK
Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/weimartheband
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVRYJayyyN0Q46AA_74Aig
Telephone: 07400324824
Email: weimartheband@gmail.com