West Coast Sick Line

West Coast Sick Line is the creation of North Wales musician Dusty Moonan.


Dusty is the former singer/guitarist with the band Babakin.  He was the frontman of The Affliction before moving to Glasgow in 2007 and also served some time with PSST (2006). He recorded a  solo LP ‘Proper’ & changed his name by deed poll to Dusty Moonan (was Mark Moonan). He returned to North Wales in 2012 and has since been working on his new project West Coast Sick Line.

 We have released a live album by Babakin

Our releases with West Coast Sick Line

  • I Hope You All Have Nightmares, Except Kirsty
  • Our Name On The Door
  • The Road To Billinge Hill
  • Wasp In The Car EP
  • Live at The Crescent
  • Europee
  • Someone Else’s Band
  • Flat of Engels
  • Colour Climax

Access the releases HERE