Be A German Shepherd Subscriber

We will be launching a subscription option for our Bandcamp releases in the very near future. With our subscription, you can get ALL of our new releases for just £40 a year (less than a pound a week!), while supporting our label and our roster of great artists directly. Given we release over 40 items … Continue reading Be A German Shepherd Subscriber


Hydra Expanded

The Junta's dance floor thumping classic EP "Hydra" goes to wider digital distribution on March 31st when we combine the original EP with   a selection of remixes of the track Agent Coulson to create a mini-album of classic techno tuneage. Inspired by The Junta's love of all things sci-fi and specifically classic show Agents of Shield … Continue reading Hydra Expanded

Introducing bozchestra

German Shepherd Records and Bert Weill Productions are pleased to announce a new partnership to promote the music of Boz Hayward. Boz Hayward is a Manchester based musician who, with his unique bozchestra, creates stunning cinematic music and, as a singer-songwriter, catchy, quirky, acoustic pop.    German Shepherd Records will promote Boz’s work and he will release … Continue reading Introducing bozchestra