Introducing PrunX

We are pleased to announce the addition of Berlin based band PrunX to German Shepherd Records. Introduced to the label by Cannonball Statman,  the band were formed in 2000 and have gone through several line-up changes. The current line up of the band is : FrankOz Pfeil - Guitar, Vocals; Mikado K. Schütt -Keyboards, Vocals … Continue reading Introducing PrunX


Second Statman Release coming soon

We are extremely pleased to announce we are releasing a second EP with Jesse "Cannonball" Statman. After the mercurial New Yorker performed a stunning set at the Eagle in Salford recently, which had audience members describing his show as "pure genius", we have agreed to release some of his recent recordings made in Germany. Watch … Continue reading Second Statman Release coming soon

Fresh Cheese

Introducing the new Electric Cheese. Joining Jason Gorgonzola are the two Al's. Both with Antipodean connections. On drums we have Al Superstar Green (left). A former member of pioneering New Zealand beat combo Captain Fogpocket, Al has told at least two internationally renowned artistes to F off. On bass, Allan 'Cheddar' Tanner (right). Allan recently … Continue reading Fresh Cheese

Rose and the Diamond debut on German Shepherd

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the debut EP from Rose and the Diamond Hand. Rose is Rose Niland, whose soulful and memorable vocal style has dominated the Manchester music scene for several years now. We released her debut solo EP "From Now" in 2014 to wide critical acclaim. Rose … Continue reading Rose and the Diamond debut on German Shepherd

100 Releases – where do we go from here? Part One….

We sort of fell into a record label by accident. Moet, and to some degree myself, were getting frustrated by the amount of time it was taking to get the third Kill Pretty album released, a process which would eventually end up in me resigning as the bands' manager, and eventually Moet leaving several months … Continue reading 100 Releases – where do we go from here? Part One….