Krovvy Goober – The Podcasts

The third and final podcast in a short series introducing Ian Moss’s new book “Krovvy Goober” is now available so we have collected all three together in one place to make it easy to have a listen. Episode Three features the world premiere of the brand new track from The Parasite with Moff Skellington

To access Ian’s book from Amazon follow the link below

The music featured on the podcasts is as follows:

  • Theme from A Clockwork Orange
  • Unseasonal Beasts – Don Cosmic
  • Don Drummond – Don Cosmic
  • 2 Lost Souls – The Faith
  • Tobi Legend – Time Will Pass You By
  • The Parasite – Social Validation Feedback Loop
  • Pere Ubu – The Fabulous Sequel
  • The Parasite – Roll Over  
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen – Opus 57 Hymnen (Extract) 
  • Four Candles – Napa State
  • The Cramps – Call of the Wighat
  • Four Candles – C33
  • Gang of Four – Love Like Anthrax
  • Ian Moss and Factory Acts – Psychic Battlefield 
  • Factory Acts – Leave the World to Us
  • Theme from A Clockwork Orange
  • Moss Skellington – Boomerangs 
  • Moff Skellington – Madmens Toes in Madmens Boots 
  • Ion Morph & Modal – Silly Moo  
  • Modal Roberts – Derbyshire 2000 
  • KP2 & Space Museum – The Wilsons
  • The Fall – Spectre vs Rector
  • Luana’s Black Reptiles – Albert Ayler Lives On
  • Albert Ayler – Ghosts 
  • Kill Pretty – Sylvia Fading
  • John Coltrane – Naima
  • Sicknurse – As Good As It Gets
  • The Stooges – Gimme Some Skin
  • Sicknurse – My Life Is Rated X
  • Kill Pretty – Andrews World
  • Four Candles – Angels Not Angels
  • Stepbrothers – Plague 
  • The Creepers – Make Joe 
  • The Bears from Belle Vue Zoo –  Welcome to the Monkey House
  • David Bowie – We Are The Dead
  • Hamsters – Freudian Ships
  • The Mekons – Where Were You 
  • The Parasite with Moff Skellington – Transcendental Holiday Camp

New Podcast – Hexen Files

Luisa from Elastikbande and La Capsula, together with friend Louise, presents just over an hour of new music from Italy and the UK. The emphasis is on punk and ethereal pop and our own Rose and the Diamond Hand is featured. The podcast is available in both English and Italian,

The playlist is

WideHips69 – Live fat die drunk
Lame – Ice cold judah
Lame – Disappear
Hallelujah! – Wanna dance
Hallelujah! – Mini Pony
Healthy Junkies – On way to portland
Healthy Junkies – Streets of olympia
Healthy Junkies – Something in the way
Wow – Occhi di Serpente
Wow – Morire per amore
Pat Pend – Non ho sonno
Pat Pend – Sempre piu giu’
Alex De Large – I love Tekken
Alex De Large – Into your grave
Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Curse
Augustine – Augustine
Augustine – In the mountains
Augustine – Speak Motherese
Rose and the Diamond Hand – Icicle
Denise Johnson – Nothing you can do

The Moff Skellington Podcasts #2 – Universal Compost Bin

The second of the new semi-regular podcasts from Moff Skellington examines the mysteries of the Universal Compost Bin. As usual Moff’s perorations on life and all its complexities is excellent and should leave you scratching your head and laughing at the same time . Wild Farting Doughnuts are clearly the thing to follow this year and listeners will no doubt be wanting to steer clear of clicking ball point pens. Lose yourself in the magical world of Abstercot.

The Moff Skellington Podcasts #1 – The Magic of Obesity

Moff Skellington shares his unique perspective on the world in a new semi-regular series of podcasts. The opener in the series looks at the Magic of Obesity with a peroration on the impact of the Comic Rotund on the world of Abstercot. With a unique take on the impact of Demis Roussos, Mr Kiplings Cakes, the lead singer of Pere Ubu, David Thomas, and other notables, Moff uses his combination of words and music to create a unique listening experience.

sycloner launch EP with new Podcast

Australian duo Peter and Daniel from sycloner are back with a new EP “Running Interference” and to mark the event they have curated a podcast which includes three of the four tracks from the EP as well as a selection of music by their favourite artists. Music from The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Mr Bungle, Cornelius, Massive Attack and The Necks makes an appearance.

Lizard Brain launch podcast to celebrate launch of new single

In anticipation of new single “Featureless Zone” the band have put together an eclectic mix …..

THE DEAD KENNEDYS – We’ve Got A Bigger Problem Now
MARVIN GAYE – What’s Going On?
RICHARD THOMPSON – Bank Vault In Heaven
LIZARD BRAIN – Put Some Love In Your Heart
ROBYN + KLEERUP – With Every Heartbeat
SUPERTRAMP – Just A Normal Day
LIZARD BRAIN – Featureless Zone
FOUR CANDLES – Basketcase
LIZARD BRAIN – Bring The Curtain Down

JPEG Featureless Zone 3000x3000

Moongoose curate Podcast to support the release of the Yellow and Black EPs

To mark the release of two EPs from Moongoose on German Shepherd Records on 5th June we present  a podcast curated by David “Yorkie” Palmer. “Yorkie” introduces it as follows:

“Ever since I can remember, I have had a very deep love and appreciation for movie soundtracks. I even used to buy albums for films I was too young to have ever seen. My elder brother thought that I was weird. Early Bond Films, Spaghetti Western themes. Horror soundtracks. I bought them all. The music was so evocative, It didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen the real movie…I just made my own up in my head. This is at the very core of Moongoose. Soundtracks for the imagination. With only a title as a jumping off point.
Collected here are some of my very favourite pieces of music from over the years. Join me and take your imagination for a walk.”

The giants of movie soundtracks are all here with memorable sounds…….in between some earlier Moongoose releases….

The playlist is….

1. The Dome/The City – Logan’s Run – Jerry Goldsmith
2. …And From My Window I Look Down On Skyscrapers – Organic
Technology – Moongoose
3. Main Title – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – John Barry
4. Prelude – Psycho – Bernard Herrmann
5. Coming To LA – They Live – John Carpenter
6. Main Title – Suspiria – Goblin
7. The Sound Of Trees – Missives From The Memory Machine – Moongoose
8. Main Title – Taxi Driver- Bernard Herrmann
9. Main Title – Planet Of The Apes – Jerry Goldsmith
10. Hore, Der Du Wagst – Nosferatu – Popol Vuh
11. Deep Blue Day – For All Mankind – Brian Eno
12. End Titles – Blade Runner – Vangelis
13. Mid Beat Theme – Losy – Andrzej Korzynski
14. Main Theme – The Ipcress File – John Barry
15. Prelude & Rooftop – Vertigo – Bernard Herrmann
16. Capsule In Space – You Only Live Twice – John Barry
17. Those Pictures – The Forbidden Pictures Of A Society Lady -Ennio
18. Bedroom City – Tokyo Glow – Moongoose

All proceeds from the sales of the Yellow and Black EPs will be donated to Shelter.

Subs Spec Moongoose

Dead Crows Podcast Three

In the final episode of this series Neil, Toni, Andy and Karen discuss the tracks “Kaiju Hijinks” and “Hemispheres” and also have a lengthy chat with album cover designer, graphic illustrator and musician about town Stewart Harris (The Scissors, Goddammit Jeremiah).

The album is available for pre-order is released on May 22nd.

The Scissors latest studio album can be purchased here:

BODC Pod 3 art

Moff Skellington’s latest album released

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest album from Moff Skellington – his 42nd. It’s called “Wading With The Help Donkeys”. To mark the occasion Moff has recorded a special podcast where he introduces the album and plays a short clip of each track. It’s a fascinating half hour with lots of humour in the inimitable Moff style.

You can purchase the album from Bandcamp now.


Dead Crows Podcast One

In the first of a series of podcasts Bouquet of Dead Crows introduce the first two tracks on their new release Celestial as well as chatting to Sandy Mill, Gavin Chappell-Bates and Dave Hammond.  The interviews were recorded before the lockdown so information about gigs and festivals are now incorrect.

Stay tuned for more podcasts from the band.

You can preorder the digital release here:

BODC Pod One

New Lizard Brain Podcast

To mark the release of the new single “32 Years” Richard and David from Lizard Brain have put together a new podcast packed with an eclectic mix of music, featuring

Everything Everything
Harold Budd and Brian Eno
Glen Campbell
Ty Dolla $ign & Future
Richard Thompson
Tori Amos
Anthony Phillips
Pink Floyd
Bonzo Dog Doodah Band
Jan Garbarek

As well as the above there’s a track from the second Lizard Brain album plus the new single.

32 Years Cover Art


Moss Brothers and 2 Lost Souls Podcast

Ian & Neil Moss and 2 Lost Souls celebrate the release of their new singles on German Shepherd Records with a podcast.

Featuring the new singles and selections from Ian, Neil and Paul this is an eclectic and enjoyable mix of music old and new. As well as the new singles there is music from:

Bryan Ferry, The Kinks, JJ Cale, Madonna, Moff Skellington, Bob Dylan, Modern Lovers, The Sonics, Hank Williams, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Cliff, Lonnie Liston Smith, Love, Simon & Garfunkel, Traffic and Prince

Podcast Image

Umbrella Assassins Lockdown Special

A special show put together by Garry, Steve and Bunge from Umbrella Assassins celebrating the release of their new album “Humanity”. The show follows the story behind the album with interludes and musical choices which reflect the narrative.

“Dodo Freak (Freakum Dodois) the last of his kind. Losing faith in humanity he escapes to a new planet. As years go by he wonders what has become of his old home, so he decides to look. Hurtling through the countryside in his spaceship he meets a girl, falls in love and starts a family. Through new found friends he assembles a band of humans, those lucky few. The pioneers of the twelve by ten. The creators of Shed Punk. Umbrella Assassins bring you an album. Humanity, The next phase of the journey.”

The new album will be available via German Shepherd records from April 10th 2020.


New releases from Loop-aznavour, Umbrella Assassins and Lizard Brain plus reissues

Here are the details of our releases on April 10th plus news of some reissues and an additional single release on April 3rd


Adventures of Salvador front man and theremin wizard Loop-aznavour resumes his solo career with a brand new album  Les Idiots de L’Electronique.

Loop takes us through ten great new songs involving a wide selection of bizarre and wonderful characters. Applying his unique and dead-pan humour to the everyday idiosyncrasies of life this collection will certainly lighten the mood in these trying times.



Umbrella Assassins

Haverhill’s finest proponents of Shed Punk are back with a full length which includes revisited versions of tracks from the previous EPs and Singles released by German Shepherd.

Album Art

Entitled Humanity it’s a concept album dealing with the adventures of  Dodo Freak (Freakum Dodois) the last of his kind. Losing faith in humanity he escapes to a new planet. As years go by he wonders what has become of his old home, so he decides to look. Hurtling through the countryside in his spaceship he meets a girl, falls in love and starts a family. Through new found friends he assembles a band of humans, those lucky few. The pioneers of the twelve by ten. The creators of Shed Punk.

Mixing raw shed punk with some lighter pop tunes and experimental pieces this is Steve, Garry and Bunge with their best offering yet.

The band have put together an entertaining podcast to support the release of the album which will be available around the time of release from Bob’s Mixcloud Page.



Following a change in our distributors we are pleased to announce that the following are available once more from all the digital streaming and download sites…..

plus a host of reissues of Moff Skellington albums:

Plough Monday, On Flanders Moon, Golfer In Disgrace, Bargains Are A Hollow Syrup, Fetch, Uncle Roy’s Utopian Vision Parts 1 and 2, The Corduroy Bridge, Thorny Conduits

Eighth Day Magazine

We are continuing to write a monthly column for the excellent Eighth Day Magazine. March’s edition included a piece on Moff Skellington and an introduction to The English Disease. April’s edition which is due out at the weekend includes the first of a two part article on our work with Cambridge Bands – check out the magazine here

and finally …..there’s an extra release scheduled for April 3rd from

Lizard Brain

The Lizard Brain team have produced an excellent remix of the track Put Some Love In Your Heart from their That Has A Nice Ring To It album.

Again we felt that this tune offered some hope and love during the current lockdown. This track is a taster for their new single 32 Years which will follow on April 24th.

Put Some Love In Your Heart

Stay safe!

Auster Boys Celebrate new album with a podcast of music they love

To celebrate the release of the new Auster Boys album “Lost In The Former East” Bob Auster South had a good idea, why not highlight some of the music that both the Auster Boys admire in a podcast? There is a lot of common ground musically between the two members of the band but it is great Australian Songs that have remained constant in both of their listening and music collections. There is some excellent music here, much of it may be unfamiliar. We hope it inspires and encourages further listening to the following marvellous artists….

The Apartments, Dave Graney, Clare Moore, The Coral Snakes, The Saints, Laughing Clown, Mark and Rob Snarski, Jackson Code, The Triffids, The Blackeyed Susans, Chad’s Tree, The Go-Betweens and The Neary Brothers all deliver great songs!

Tracks from the actual Auster release will be featured on Bob O’s Aural Delights Show #377


The Smelly Flowerpot Enters The Kennel

To mark the release of the 4th volume of Cambridge Calling the curator of the collection, Dave Hammond, has put together a very special Smelly Flowerpot Radio show for German Shepherd Podcast listeners. Dave has opted for 20 tracks he has played and loved on his fortnightly show on Cambridge 105, a kind of selection of greatest hits that never were but should have been.

Music from the following artists is featured:

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, Ten Million Aliens, The Seven Twenty, Moscow Circus, Dos Floris, Ruth Theodore, Goddammit Jeremiah, Aethertrip. KP2/Loop Aznavour,
The Granite Shore, Trick Bird, Plantman, Hanterhir, West Coast Sick Line, Elizabete  Balcus, Vika Souto, Pearls Cab Ride, Tom Skelly, Jackie Leven and The Distractions

You can listen to Dave every other Monday between 9pm -11pm on Cambridge 105 Radio. Dave has been a steadfast supporter of the label since its outset and has interviewed many of our artists on his show as well as introducing us to the Cambridge bands that are on German Shepherd.


Umbrella Assassins launch “Dad’s Song” with a new podcast

As part of our regular artist curated podcasts, Garry, Steve and Bunge of Umbrella Assassins have put together an eclectic mix of tunes in support of the release of their new single “Dad’s Tune” on December 6th.

Apart from three Umbrella Assassins tunes there is music from

  • King Khan & BBQ Show  
  • The Chats  
  • Hot Snakes 
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse 
  • Kurt Vile 
  •  Sonic Youth  
  • Run The Jewels featuring Kamasi Washington  
  • Honeyblood  
  • Robert Parker 
  • Ty Segall  
  • BadBadNotGood, Charlotte Day Wilson  
  • Radiohead 
  • The Velvet Underground

The trio are currently working on a new album for release in 2020.

UA Image 17112019

Sleeping Ducks “The Radio People” primer

As part of our regular series of artists curated podcasts Hazel Fairbairn of Sleeping Ducks has put together a new show introducing their new album “The Radio People”. It’s a fascinating selection of music from a wide range of  artists including

  • Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet
  • Radio Tarifa
  • Kate Bush
  • Aoife O’Donovan
  • Pentangle
  • Toumani Diabaté, Sidiki Diabaté
  • AK Patterson
  • Karen Dalton
  • Big Youth
  • Sam Amidon
  • The Fretless
  • Aphex Twin

The Sleeping Ducks album is released on 29th November

Sleeping Ducks The Radio People

Two Lost Souls Podcast introduces the new album and includes favourite songs

As part of our regular run of artist curated podcasts Paul Rosenfeld from Two Lost Souls introduces tracks from the new album “Cords and Digits” and his previous collaborations with Ian Moss.

In between there favourite tracks chosen by Paul and Ian including music from Amos Milburn, Nirvana (the 60s band) , Sister Sledge, Pixies, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Bobby Gentry, Pere Ubu, Nigger Kojak, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Misletoe, Don Thomas, Madonna, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Simon Dupree & The Big Sound, James Brown,  and Earth Wind and Fire.

The Two Lost Souls album is released on 22nd November 2019.