Flea back after 30 years and new Inferior Complex

We are pleased to release the first new music from Flea in thirty years with new song Banal. Listeners will find the band has lost none of it’s edge with a remarkable piece of work

Also released this week a new single from Inferior Complex with a powerful song about Rough Sleeping

Both releases are available on our Bandcamp page for purchase/download and all of the usual streaming sites.

Releases for 9th July – Cosmic Panthers and Lizard Brain

Two new releases for today….

Several years back the band Kill Pretty went into a recording studio in Liverpool to lay down their third album tentatively titled “Bubblegum Now” . A double albums worth of material was recorded and progress was being made for a release, however with the departure of firstly the bands manager and then the lead singer the momentum was lost and that material was shelved never to see the light of day. It has long been an ambition for at least the lyrical content of that album to be used in some form, it was that strong.

German Shepherd co-owner Ian Moss was that lead singer. His partnership with Ben Mancell of the New York based Fuzzy Warbles label to release Hamsters material and subsequently new material with Cosmic Panthers lead to the flowering of the germ of an idea. Enter stage left legendary Mekons and Three Johns member Jon Langford, an old friend and associate of Ian Moss, and the trio of Ian Moss , Ben and Jon with months of work has created the vehicle/vessel for those songs in a new set of clothes.

Ian Moss, Jon Langford, Ben Mancell, Josh Mancell

The new material is light years away from the original versions, structurally and melodically different with only the words and vocal delivery being retained. This is an altogether more impulsive, aggressive and relentless collection. The core anger at the heart of the songs is amplified and honed into a more directive attack. No mercy is allowed with a series of targets which are genuinely deserving of the venom applied to them. There are also personal reflections on teenage angst, and, an homage to the City of Manchester which evokes and explains the inherent dichotomy of the place. Legendary Fall guitarist Craig Scanlon also contributed the song Something Better.

With a number of the original songs not included on this release including the sprawling experimental piece Propshaft the collection now fits perfectly into a single album.

A joint release with Fuzzy Warbles the album was recorded July 2020 – May 2021 in Brooklyn NY, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, and Manchester UK. Special guests include Josh Mancell on drums and Julia Nelson on Vocals. Ian’s vocals recorded by Simon “Ding” Archer at 6dB studios in Salford.

The release is available in cassette and digital download format from the Fuzzy Warbles Bandcamp Page and also can be streamed from all major platforms.

The exceptional album “Confection” by Lizard Brain yields a further single “If Our Eyes Were Blue” featuring Tony Jenkins. “If Our Eyes Were Blue” was inspired by the work of US-based educationalist, Jane Elliott. Since shortly after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, Jane has used role play to teach her pupils about racism, by asking them to segregate their class, and to discriminate, based solely on eye colour. This results in everyone in the class experiencing discrimination from both sides – becoming aware of what it feels like to be discriminated against.

Power Pop and Post-Rock

We have two new releases for June 18th.

L’Obtuce return with a punky power pop/punk tune with a quirky middle eight! Bandcamp purchasers of the single get an extra special bonus track.

m.t. scott is also back with a new EP which explores post-rock stylings mixed with wordless communication – this is the third in scott’s recent run of more experimental material.

New single from 2 Lost Souls and reissues for Elastikbande and Moff Skellington

Identity – an issue that has plagued scholars for centuries. Never more so than in the world of rock and roll where the persona of the star can be markedly different from the person behind the image. Tom Waits, a case in point, how did a smooth voiced singer-songwriter morph into a lounge bar lothario fueled on bad bourbon, and then a gravel voiced outsider artist…..2 Lost Souls examine this transition……will the real Tom Waits please stand up?

We released the second single from Elastikbande last year but the wider digital distribution was lost so we have relaunched it. With stunning cover art and three great tracks this release finds the trio on their best form with songs about work, politics, and vampires!

We continue our programme of relaunching Moff Skellington’s back catalogue with the reissue of the 2015 album The Corkscrew Tongue. This album was the third in our Moff Skellington catalogue and his 27th release overall. The subject matters vary between Secret Jelly, strange projects, Clown Threat, Keith with his random hormones, Clog dancing, and other strange and elusive matters.

Scott, Staggs and Moff

March 4th sees two new releases and one reissue…..in addition Michael Scott who is behind the two new releases will be featured in this months edition of Eighth Day Magazine

STAGGS – in Western musical theory, a cadence is a melodic or harmonic configuration that creates a sense of resolution or finality. An unfinished or imperfect cadence is therefore one which has no “end” and thus leaves the listener longing for the final chord, which never comes…apparently it drove Mozart mad, whereas STAGGS quite like it…….music about the current state of play both medically and politically finds the mighty STAGGS at their acerbic best. The 18th release from the duo.

m.t. scott – m.t. scott has been exploring some dark corners of late. This latest release is based on a found, historical, recording of a psychiatrist interviewing a schizophrenic patient in a secure hospital. It does not make for easy listening but it is relevant to the state of things in early 2021 and perhaps gives us pause for thought. The 9th release from m.t. scott.

Moff Skellington – Originally released by Moff via Uterus Cottage in 2011 in CD form only this has never before seen the digital light of day. 14 portions of pure Eddodi with worms, stomach gas, marrows, druids (and their ancestors), and, dreams, amongst other things being delivered in Moff’s unique style

Victims of the Dance?

Dominic Carlton Jones kicks off 2021 with a new single

Salford’s award winning singer-songwriter returns with a double A side – of the new release Dominic says “The Red String of Fate was originally a commissioned piece of work for a work colleague-James Steeles-who asked me to write a song about finding his love. I got several phrases from James and a little of the genre he wanted for the track before proceeding with it. James disappeared But I liked what I was doing and thought it had “single” written all over it so decided to release it as that. The Dance of the Night came about via lockdown drink/meet with Cat Jerome and Danny Needham where I preview new ideas and get feedback. In this case Cat provided some initial phrases for the track which I then pieced together.”

The single is available digitally via Bandcamp and can be streamed/downloaded from all of the major sites.

Lizard Brain release Two Singles

Cambridge based band Lizard Brain release two new singles on October 16th.

Othering which features David and Richard is a timely tune with the American Presidential Elections so close. Othering is the division of people into “us” and “them”. Othering increasingly seems to be a political strategy used to create fear and distract from the most pressing issues facing humanity. We need to unite to create a mandate to deal with the huge issues of inequality and the climate crisis.

Round and Round is one of Mark’s and features former Lizard Brain Member Tony Jenkins.

Kids often dance to music by just spinning around and losing their inhibitions. Mark really wanted to see a whole room full of people doing that – arms out, head back, laughing and spinning. So that’s the vision that started the music. Tony’s dark lyric hints at a dysfunctional relationship, perhaps with our political representatives….?


The Right Side of Reason

September 18th sees the release of the debut EP from The Right Side of Reason

The Right Side of Reason is the solo project of Andrew Missons from Inferior Complex. The four track EP celebrates minimal electronica with motorik drum beats laying a steady backbone to layers of rich synths – orchestral chords and powerful bass notes combining to create an epic sound.

In addition Andrew has worked with Paul Morley of Filed Fangs on a remix of the track Ensemble  from the EP and this will be released as a single at the same time as the EP – for the purposes of the release the duo are calling themselves Fang Complex.

A Moss Half Dozen

This weeks sees the release of the sixth and final track in a run of singles from musical brothers Ian and Neil Moss.

With a widely eclectic mix of styles and sounds the siblings have created a mind expanding variety of music which challenges the preconceptions and boundaries of our fractured culture.

The latest, “Total Freakout” is perhaps the most accessible of the set with a nod to 60s psychedelia albeit seen through the purple-tinted glasses of East Manchester……

Here is the complete set – they are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and all of the other digital services

INM TF Final

It’s Matrimony!

8th November sees the release of the second single this year from The Harveys.

Previously known as Harveys Rabbit the band reconvened a few years back after success in the 1990s. With that name change and a new line up the core members Tim Lyons and Mick Pullen have brought back the melodic charm and crossover Manchester pop stylings for which they are rightly remembered, and currently appreciated.

Harvey FGMSOTW b
The new single couples a remake of an old Harvey’s Rabbit number “Frank Got Married” with a newer song “Shadow of Wind”. It will be available in digital download and CD formats and accessible from all of the main streaming platforms.

Embracing the Brel/Brecht elements of the bands work this exciting new double A side will be launched on 14th November at The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester with support from Vee VV and Four Candles.

The band have also produced a podcast for the German Shepherd Mixcloud Select Channel to support the release of the new single.

Further gigs for The Harveys have been booked:

  • 14th December 2019 – The Peer Hat, Manchester supporting TV Smith – with Matthew Hopkins
  • 1st February 2020 – Jimmy’s, Liverpool supporting The Monochrome Set


Black Limousine announce debut single “Dressed In Black”

Black Limo Band Shot

Formed in 2018, Black Limousine is a three piece alt-rock band from Manchester, UK.

They are set to release their debut single ‘Dressed in Black’ via German Shepherd Records on 6th September 2019.

‘Dressed in Black’ is a blistering debut with its heavy, sludgy guitars, macabre undertones and soaring rhythm section calling to mind great alt rock-sounds of the 90s such as Rollins Band, Helmet and Filter. The track was produced by Simon ‘Ding’ Archer (Pixies, PJ Harvey, The Fall) at 6dB Studios in Salford, UK.

Of the single, lead singer and guitarist Mark Taylor says: “It’s about a person who basically takes no joy from anything, despite having the opportunity to be involved in moments and experiences of joy in their life. It’s about people who are just completely self absorbed, paranoid and no awareness of the good that’s around them”.

Mark Taylor (Four Candles),who is a seasoned musician on the Manchester underground music scene, recruited bass player John Pew and drummer Damien Hughes (Peter Hook / Monaco) to form Black Limousine. The band mixes stoner rock influences with punk and new wave sounds to make their own brand of crossover rock.

The next UK date for the band is Friday 16th August at The Peer Hat Manchester.

‘Dressed In Black’ will be available via German Shepherd Records via their Bandcamp page and all other digital platforms from 6th September 2019.

Cover 300 DPI Black Limousine Dressed In Black

Weimar announce first single and launch

Weimar , the band comprising Aidan Cross- vocals, rhythm guitar, Johann Kloos- lead guitar, John Armstrong- bass and Anthony Edwards- drums, have announced the release of their debut single, the double A-side John Doe/Curse the Songs, to be released 1st February 2019, accompanied by a special launch gig at The Eagle Inn in Salford!

Recorded at 6db Studios Salford and produced by the legendary Simon ‘Ding’ Archer (The Fall, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Bobbie Peru), the double A-side will be released in physical format by Weimar’s own label Marlene’s Hat, and digitally by German Shepherd Records.


Keltrix return with “Long Long Way” Single in two versions

Anticipating the release of a new album “Naked”, Keltrix are back and are releasing a new single “Long Long Way” on May 11th, a track which links back to their last album release “Bobby Says”.

The last album was predominantly electronic dance-oriented in keeping with their new sonic direction the band has developed over the last few years. However, the forthcoming album strips back their sound to its folk roots with just voice, guitar and violin delivering acoustic versions of the bands “Greatest Hits” together with a handful of brand new songs.

Keri and Sharon have rightly received praise for their unique blending of traditional music with modern electronica/dance but it is time to step back and chill and reveal the “naked” beauty of Keri’s unique voice and Sharon’s sublime playing.

The electric version of Long Long Way, which features Jay Willams, was a stand out track from “Bobby Says”.  It is coupled on this release with an amazing acoustic rendition of the song from the new album. A stunning video, inspired by those chilling horror movies that send shivers up and down your spine,  accompanies both tracks. Video links will follow in the next few days.

This is a digital only release which will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and a host of other digital platforms.

The new album will be released on June 8th and launched at Corner House Cambridge on the same evening. Digital and CD versions will be available.

New Strays EP Released

The third release by the masters of electro-punk is released today – The Strays are back.

The Double-A single covers the superhuman efforts of Richard Dreyfuss to save us and explains exactly what is Problematic about life today.

The single is available from Bandcamp and all the usual digital outlets

Strays Promo


Daniel Clarke joins German Shepherd

Well known Manchester Music stalwart Daniel Clarke joins German Shepherd for his debut solo single.

Known for his work with bands The Moods and Death to the Strange, as well as his active involvement in developing open mic nights for local talent, Daniel has produced a great new song which echoes the art of Brecht and Weill as well as capturing the spirit of Tom Waits.

Titled “Trampin’ Stampin'” the new single is released on February 9th gets one of its’ first airplays on Stephen Doyle’s Sonic Diary Show on Salford City Radio tonight.

DC Poster Amended

People Make People

Our penultimate release for 2016 is from the utterly groovy Screaming Love Collective. Entitled “People Make People” it has a special guest vocalist in Paul Winter from The Mind Sweepers.

With the characteristic Screaming Love hypnotic groove this is one to draw you in and keep your attention.

The track is released as Pay What You Want on Bandcamp and will be released world wide via the usual digital outlets in the New Year for those who like to stream….


Super Friday

Friday October 9th sees our biggest set of releases to date with a new EP from IKMRAO, a new single from Bouquet of Dead Crows and the chance to pre-order Franco Bandini’s EP and the Bouquet of Dead Crows album……all available from Bandcamp


Debut Single from Poppycock

We are pleased to release the debut single from Manchester Music and Artists Collective. The first includes two live favourites Mexico and Cleaning Woman.

The collective formed in 2012 playing their first gig at The Hippodrome in Hulme, Manchester followed shortly by an ‘Unpeeled’ gig promoted by Tuff life Boogie at Gullivers on Oldham Street, Manchester. Since then they have regularly appeared in Manchester and Salford.

The band also contributed a track, Honeymoon,  to our Salford Streets compilation,

Musicians on ‘Mexico’ :

Rose Niland and Ann Marie Crowley – Vocals
Raul Caleno – Guitar
Una Baines – Bass guitar
Johnny Wimbolt-Lewis – Drums.

Musicians on ‘Cleaning Woman’ :

Una Baines – spoken word/Guitar
Rose Niland and Ann Marie Crowley – Vocals
Raul Caleno – Bass Guitar
Johnny Wimbolt- Lewis.- Drums.
Vacuum Cleaner – Henry Hoover.

The women on the cover are Rose Niland, Ann Marie Crowley and Jenny Barstow (Former bassist with Poppycock).

The line-up of the group is organic and has changed several times since these tracks were recorded, however these offerings sum up the essence of their work.


Ice Cream for Crows

We are very pleased to advise you that we will be working with Cambridge band Bouquet of Dead Crows to release their forthcoming single and album.

The band comprises Toni Cooper – vocals, Neil Bruce – guitar, Graeme Clarke – bass and Andrew Coxall – drums.

They described themselves as “A female fronted Bluesy, Rock/Pop band that likes big riffs, but also likes acoustic finger picking!”

An initial single “Don’t Panic” will be available at the end of August will a debut album to follow.

The band previously self-released an EP “Together We Fall” in 2013.

The next gigs for the band are 28th August at the Cornerhouse, Cambridge and 29th August at The Pig In Falcon, St Neots