Launching The Kennel Club

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we had to discontinue our Subscriber Service on Bandcamp. All existing subscribers have been notified and we have introduced a new temporary process for them so that they can continue to receive our releases.

We are now launching a replacement for that service called The Kennel Club

As befits the way we work we have decided to do it ourselves from now on. Here’s how it will work.

  • Kennel Club membership will be £40 for 12 months. This is payable via Paypal direct from this website.
  • During that 12 month period club members will receive a weekly download link for every thing we release. Given we release at least 40 items a years this means on average each release will only cost £1.
  • As well as regular releases members get a weekly e-mail from us with details of what we are up to and giving advance access to our music before it is officially released.
  • Members will also get bonus releases throughout the year which are not going to be released anywhere else.
  • When gigs are up and running again there will also be discounted tickets for gigs for all Kennel Club Members. There will also be discounts on merchandise and physical copies of releases.
  • You can join the Kennel Club by clicking on the “pay with paypal” link on the right hand side of our web-page.
  • Former Bandcamp subscribers will receive this service for free until October 2021 when they will be asked to re-subscribe.

For a limited period any new subscriber will get additional download links to a selection of our releases from 2020.

As a not for profit label we rely on the support of our fans and by becoming a subscriber to The Kennel Club you are supporting grass-roots music.

We hope you can join us in The Kennel Club.

Trouble In Paradise

In a nigh on 7 minute funk driven slab of Mancunian repetition Four Candles once again demonstrate that they are the most important band in the Manchester Conurbation. Moss’s ironic rant about the “troubles” of the wealthy is a fitting testament to a year where nepotism and greed have ruled our lives whilst the poor and vulnerable have suffered.

Smot at this my droogies

German Shepherd co-owner, Ian Moss, has been a mainstay of the Manchester music scene for over 40 years, ever since fronting punk upstarts ‘The Hamsters’ who turned their back on the stardom which could have been theirs having shared stages with the likes of The Fall and Joy Division.

In contrast to most punks, who were quick to sell out the moment a recording contract was proffered, Ian has maintained his anarchic, anti-establishment stance throughout and his cynical world-view takes aim at everyone from world leaders to friends trapped in bad relationships.

In Ian’s own words his new collection of lyrics, “Kroovy Goober” is described as follows “some of it is autobiographical, some of it is not, some of it is pained soul-baring, some of it is not. I hope you find some pieces to enjoy as I have enjoyed the journey”.

The title Krovvy Goober is derived from the book “A Clockwork Orange” and the argot used by the teenage gang members in Anthony Burgess’s dystopian novel – it translates as “Blood Lip”.

The new book is available now from Amazon

As a companion to the new book Ian has compiled 17 of his lyrics into a new album. It includes songs featuring some of the lyrics in the book There is new material and a selection of music from Ian’s back catalogue on German Shepherd Records.

Guests on the album include Space Museum, Simon “Ding” Archer, Neil and Gaynor Moss, Johann Kloos, Loop-Aznavour and Moff Skellington. Moff also created the stunning artwork which adorns the book and the album.

Herstory Single and Video Launched

Celtic/Symphonic Electro Folk group Keltrix return with a brand new

The new release is also the title track of their next album which is released on April 17th 2021.

Keltrix core members Keri Kel (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Sharon Sullivan (producer/violinist) are back, this time they are joined by Jason Williams (electric guitar).

Of the new single and the forthcoming album the group say:

“Herstory is the first concept album we have ever attempted, for Keri as a songwriter and Sharon as a producer . Herstory targets the harm patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and capitalism has on ‘we the people’ and our home Earth, from the perspective of survivors of rape, domestic/child abuse and multiple sexual assaults. Herstory is for survivors by survivors and encourages those who have not, to be brave seek help and speak out. Silence protects abusers, the more we say the less power they have.”

Jay, who appeared on one track on the Bobby Says album which was subsequently released as a single, was a member of one of John Peel’s favourites “The Broken Family Band”.

The band have also launched a crowdfunder to help pay one of Bjork’s producers – Mandy Parnell to master the new album