Second Statman Release coming soon

We are extremely pleased to announce we are releasing a second EP with Jesse “Cannonball” Statman. After the mercurial New Yorker performed a stunning set at the Eagle in Salford recently, which had audience members describing his show as “pure genius”, we have agreed to release some of his recent recordings made in Germany. Watch this space for more details which will be coming soon.


photograph by John Montague




Previewing Forthcoming Releases

We have now pre-released the three albums we are bringing out next week – 17th March.

You can stream two tracks from each album now.

Keltrix launch their album at the Portland Arms in Cambridge on March 10th

Moff launches his album at The Castle, Oldham Street, Manchester on March 17th.





A Whole Lotta Screaming Love coming your way

We are extremely pleased announced that we will be releasing a serious amount of music from The Screaming Love Collective in the next few months.

24th March will see an album teaser EP called “Orbital” featuring three new tracks. This will be followed by the debut album “Spirit Radio” which features singles to date, the EP and other new tracks. Later in the year the sophomore album “Thought it would have been better by now” will emerge.

The music is a powerful mix of hypnotic dance rhythms and psychedelic interventions, we think it’s rather special and cannot wait to share it with you.

Bryn has recently completed both albums and feels they are linked with the first taking an optimistic look at the world whereas the latter looks at modern times from a “where the hell is my jetpack”. The basic message is where is all the cool stuff we were promised as kids?.

Here’s teaser with the lead track from the EP.


orbital cover.jpg


Cambridge Calling

We are pleased to announce the first in a series of compilations of emerging artists from Cambridge which has been curated by Dave Hammond whose fortnightly show on Cambridge 105 Radio, The Smelly Flowerpot, is a mainstay of the cities music scene. Such is the current scene in the Cambridge area, there are already enough tracks donated for a second compilation.

German Shepherd’s very own Bouquet of Dead Crows have submitted a track for the compilation

Aside from putting some superb music out there, the aim is also to raise money for deserving charities. For volume 1, the participating bands have nominated the Arthur Rank Hospice, which is dedicated to providing specialist palliative care and support to adult patients and their family, friends and carers.

What started out as a vague idea to pull a few tracks together soon snowballed into the current multi genre epic, fired by the enthusiasm of the artists involved. The more the perpetrator scratched at the surface of the local music scene, the more it became apparent how much excellent music was out there.

Album artwork by Stewart Harris

The diversity of the music is impressive, covering rock, hip hop, folk, indie, punk, psychedelia, pop, jazz, Americana, garage and electronica with nods to all eras of popular and contemporary music. Artists range from those in the first flush of youth and already developing sounds that bode well for the future to more experienced souls continually developing their craft.

The Scissors 1
Highly regarded band The Scissors appear on this compilation

For around the price of a couple of pints you can have a lasting legacy of the flourishing scene in a City as diverse and thrilling as the music it has inspired, while at the same time providing some much needed funds for a very deserving local charity.

Artists featured on this first compilation are:

  • Trick Bird
  • All We Earthlings
  • Broadway Danny Rose
  • I Strip for Couples
  • Black Buttercups
  • The Seven Twenty
  • Garuda
  • Motor Tapes
  • Keltrix
  • 3 Screaming Popes
  • Bouquet of Dead Crows
  • Eil Marchini
  • Datum Plane
  • Pete Newman Clarinet Project
  • Lizard Brain
  • The Scissors
  • Model Village
  • Umbrella Assassins
  • Gavin Chappell Bates

The compilation will be released digitally on 17th March via Bandcamp,Spotify, I Tunes, Amazon, Google Play and other well known digital outlets.

Dave’s excellent radio show can be heard on Cambridge 105 every alternate Monday.

Universe is Woman receives world wide digital distribution

The stunning debut EP from Rose and the Diamond Hand  finally receives world wide digital distribution on Friday 10th February 2017. This is perhaps timely in the light in the recent impact of the Women’s Marches and future plans to combat misogynistic rumblings from Le Casa Blanca.

Originally released in Autumn 2016 the four track collection brings together the incandescent vocal style of Rose Niland in a trip-hop/dub soundscape,  which is gaining increased interest. Rose’s stunning vocals are well known across the Manchester music scene, it’s time for her to gain wider recognition and her talents to be shared with a much bigger audience.

Live Rose and  the Diamond Hand create atmospheric, downtempo songs with a gothic tinge. Intense bass, subdued electronica and primal beats provide a frayed canvas for Rose Niland’s expressive vocals, earning the band comparisons to Portishead, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Cocteau Tiwns.


The EP will be available on I-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and many more digital outlets.  A video to accompany the release will be coming soon.


Rose and the Diamond Hand are (left to right) Rose Niland, Bob Clowrey, Mark Corrin and Leonie Fox

Reviews :



Long lost music from The Waterfoot Dandy to be released

We are pleased to announce the release, on 15th February, of an album by The Waterfoot Dandy called Waiting For Titan.

The Waterfoot Dandy was better known to friends and family as Gary Lomax.

Gary was a teacher, from Waterfoot, who was well known across the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire, for his photography and music.

The dad-of-five studied photography at London’s prestigious Royal College of Arts, but shunned the offer of a job at Vogue to start a family in Rossendale.

Born in Rawtenstall, Gary played for Bolton Wanderers’ youth team as a young man before deciding to train as an artist.

While studying art at Manchester University, he trained under Rossendale’s most famous artist, Dave Pearson.

He then took up a Masters degree at aforementioned Royal College of Art, where he studied under renowned photographers Michael Langford and John Hedgecoe. He went on to work as a teacher at Harper Green School, in Bolton, and at Burnley College but always maintained a keen interest in music.

He was a well known figure at legendary Manchester club The Hacienda during its heyday as a member of post-punk band Victor Drago, The band comprised Paul Cairns – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Keyboards, James Hargreaves – Vocals, Bass & Trumpet, Gary on Vocals & Lead Guitar, Steve Davies – Congas (notably a member of The Fall for a short period in 1980 when Paul Hanley was doing his exams), and Pete Mulvihill – Drums who was replaced by Tom Winstanley. Music from Victor Drago is available from Detour records and I Tunes.

Described by his family as a ‘creative genius’, Gary’s “Get To Grips With Terror!!!” release as The Waterfoot Dandy was a favourite of Radio 1 DJ John Peel, who often played it on his show.

Gary sadly died of a heart attack on Sunday, February 15. 2015.

Gary’s music was released by In Tape records, which was started in 1983, and included such bands as ; Asphalt Ribbons (who became Tindersticks), The Creepers, Eva, Frank Sidebottom, The Heart Throbs, Gaye Bykers on Acid, Implied Consent, Janitors, June Brides, Life with Patrick, Membranes, Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons, Rote Kapelle, Stitch, Terry & Gerry, The Weeds, Whipcrackaway (which featured German Shepherd label co-owner Ian Moss), Yeah Yeah Noh and Zor Gabor.

Eddie Fenn, former Creeper and In Tape guru has uncovered a set of Gary’s recordings for this release on the anniversary of his passing.

These are lo-fi recordings with occasional drop-outs, and varying sound quality but they capture the raw genius of Gary Lomax.

As Eddie says (in his guise as The Honourable Ted):

This is the first of The Waterfoot Dandy’s recording all performed live in his 4 foot waterlogged coal cellar of a studio approximately mid to late nineteen seventies. Bass guitar played with his bare feet and equipment all resurrected from skips. Gary lived the dream and now he’s dead. But he’s no Solomon Grundy and won’t be back on Monday but his presence lingers on in the fabric of the nth number of time, space continuums that permeate our cosmos. This is his first release since 14 days to live (In Tape). Originally designed to be released on his and his fellow collaborator The Honourable Ted’s label (NOB Records. That’s Naughty Old Boys) and after much consultation with his wife and soulmate Christine has kindly agreed for it to be released on German Shepherd records as they are good old boys and like minded chaps.

The music is uniquely Northern and reflects the trends of the time. In hindsight the nearest comparison we can give you is The Residents, albeit with a very broad Lancashire accent.


El Topo arrives

In the fifth of a series of releases featuring Ian Moss we are pleased to announce the arrival of El Topo and “The Lone Gypsy”.  Described as “Inspiration drawn from the walk your own way lifestyle of Francesco Zappa” Ian provides an astute commentary against a rich musical background from brother Neil.