Physical Merchandise Sales Suspended

We are suspending the sale of physical items during the current crisis.  This is mainly because we don’t have a warehouse full of items but a series of individual musicians with their own stock.

We will make CDs and Vinyl available again once the lockdown has been lifted.

All current live orders should be in the post in the next few days.


GS T Shirt design


Happy Moff Day

To brighten your day and lighten the load here is some new, and not so new, music from the mysterious world of Abstercot. Moff has three other new albums due in June and a further one later in the year.

Releases are available from Bandcamp, Spotify, I Tunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and all the rest…..

Firstly a brand new EP “Throat Mender”……

…and then the wider release of Moff’s 2010 album “Gliding Through Stone”….

Stay tuned for more Moff news…..



The English Disease – A Virtual Gig

There are of course more pressing issues than introducing a band right now as we struggle against a global pandemic, but, The English Disease,  having readied themselves for their debut and with a run of gigs to follow that have had to be cancelled/postponed,  decided to invite our trusty man with a camera Paul G Forshaw to their  rehearsal room to document their sound.

A very new and exciting band. Treat this as a virtual gig……let us know what you think!

Bang Bang Maxwell -drums
Maximus Volume – guitar
Max Factor – voice

To clarify what is going on we invited Max Factor to introduce each of the songs in the set:

Is that punk rock enough for ya?  :  fed up with being told what ‘ I is ‘ and what ‘ I ain’t ‘ this is a riposte to the soulless fakes and plastic conservatives who uphold the rules of punk orthodoxy.

Sex Pigs : creepy middle aged men sliding right up tight against pretty young things at gigs

Crypto Queen : the One com scam , persuasive and lucrative but not for the investors

Bad Acid : what it says on the tin , life can be a bum trip and we all need to love and be loved.

Politic dog : there is no escape for any of us , politics, like it or not, affects every thing we do , for those who don’t care it may be time you did .

20 minutes in Mostar  :  a memory , a true tale of visiting a country on the brink of war and playing a game of football with innocent children , did they survive the horror that awaited them ?



Debut release from La Capsula announced

La Capsula is a two piece psychedelic folk duo from Manchester and Rome, comprising Mark Corrin (bass, vocals) and Luisa Maraffino (guitar, vocals). Their debut is called “Time Capsule”.

La Capsula (1)

Previous projects from members of the line up have been played on the BBC 1 John Peel Show, 6 Music and Nick Luscombe’s Late Junction on Radio 3.

These initial 4 songs are musically both lush and lo-fi, mellow and melodic, recorded on location in Italy and at home in Manchester with intimate one take only vocals inspired by nature walks and escape from the everyday.

Some subtle inspirations for the project could include John Martyn, Talk Talk, Julian Cope, Kevin Ayers, Arab Strap, Bonny Prince Billy and Songs Ohia.

Mark and Luisa are also members of Elastikbande and Mark has his own solo project.

The debut EP releases 6th March 2020 in digital and CD format. 

A new EP from Elastikbande and a new solo album from Mark Corrin are due later in the year.

Luisa is having a short break pending some treatment to her wrist and Elastikbande’s line-up is under review. Pending that Mark will be performing a series of solo shows in the near future starting at the Whip and Kitten in Rawtenstall on 28th February.

Cover Art LaCapsulaEPI-3000x3000

Auster Boys Celebrate new album with a podcast of music they love

To celebrate the release of the new Auster Boys album “Lost In The Former East” Bob Auster South had a good idea, why not highlight some of the music that both the Auster Boys admire in a podcast? There is a lot of common ground musically between the two members of the band but it is great Australian Songs that have remained constant in both of their listening and music collections. There is some excellent music here, much of it may be unfamiliar. We hope it inspires and encourages further listening to the following marvellous artists….

The Apartments, Dave Graney, Clare Moore, The Coral Snakes, The Saints, Laughing Clown, Mark and Rob Snarski, Jackson Code, The Triffids, The Blackeyed Susans, Chad’s Tree, The Go-Betweens and The Neary Brothers all deliver great songs!

Tracks from the actual Auster release will be featured on Bob O’s Aural Delights Show #377