Mixcloud Select

Mixcloud Select is a subscription service for £2.99 a month which gives fans access to a selection of exclusive shows curated by German Shepherd Records Artists…….these shows are only available to subscribers in the first month of broadcast, after that the shows are available on Bob’s Mixcloud Page.

For details check out the service HERE

Broadcast shows

Mike Powell of Night Operations

Ding and Moet launch Unseasonal Beasts EP1 (includes a interview with Moet)

Four Candles launch Nettle Rash Album (includes an interview with Moet)

The Screaming Love Collective launch Do What You Love Album (includes song intros from Bryn Thorburn)

Lizard Brain launch Don’t Even Blink Single (includes song intros from Mark and Richard)

Ember Rev relaunch Premonition and Ruin Album

Ian and Neil Moss launch Fall Out Love With Me Single

Inferior Complex launch  I Dream(Remix) single

Auster Boys launch Reversing Into the Holocene single 

KIT B launch Singles and Obscure B Sides compilation

Crab Dance GIs launch their new single and compilation EP

The Junta Mixtape including three fresh Junta floor stompers

Lizard Brain are back with more eclectic tunes

Captain Black’s Positronik Pick ‘n’ Mix

m.t. scott’s wireless broadcast

Exclusive Shows (only available to subscribers)

The Harveys

sycloner mix 

Coming soon shows from

Moff Skellington

Hazel from  Sleeping Ducks