Limited Number of Boz Hayward “Tennessee Ten” CDs available from Bandcamp now

A limited number of 50 digipac CDs of Boz Hayward’s new album “Tennessee Ten” are now available from our Bandcamp Page. Each CD has been numbered and signed by Boz.

Grab a copy now before they all get snapped up!


Storm Warning

Keltrix’s critically acclaimed second album “Between and Beyond Storms” is now available on our Bandcamp page where you can grab the digital album or get one of the remaining limited number of CDs.

This double album marks the transition between the bands original folk-rock sound and their current more electronic/dance approach. Contrasts can be made between a selection of the bands repertoire with both old and new versions of some key songs presented as part the release.


Pre-order Tennessee Ten Now

Boz Hayward’s brand new album Tennessee Ten is now available for pre-order in advance of the official release date of July 7th.

In addition videos are available for the two preview tracks “Night of the Fireflies” and “The People Are Good”

Boz launches the album at South West Manchester Cricket Club  on July 6th. It’s five minutes from the Chorlton Metrolink Stop.  Musicians performing with Boz on the night will be Phil Robinson (guitarron bass), Virginia Harvey (backing vocals/keyboards), Mark Greer (slide guitar/keyboards), Rick Burrows (trumpet/melodica/keyboards), Clive Mellor (harmonica), Pat Clarke (harmonica) and Eddie Wastnidge (percussion) and the show starts at 9pm sharp. Facebook Event.


July 7th releases from Boz Hayward and Issac Navaro

We are pleased to announce two releases for July 7th, 2017

Firstly we have a new EP from Issac Navaro called “Terminals”. This five track release follows from the highly successful “Paths to the Shore” album from earlier in the year.

Melding state of the art electronica with a post-rock vibe Issac has created an ambient and reflective soundscape which reflects the geography of his native Scotland.

Comparable with the ground breaking mid 70s Tangerine Dream releases on Virgin Records but also incorporating the epic elements of Mogwai or Sigur Ros this delightful collection is a worthy successor to the debut album.


Secondly we have the brand new album from Manchester musician Boz Hayward. We have previously worked with Boz on distribution of his material but this time he has taken the plunge and given us the honour of releasing his music.

Boz returns with a deeply personal album which combines his particular take on modern folk, and adds a a vibrant slice of country music, together with his trademark whimsical pop elements. Entitled “Tennessee Ten” it consists of, naturally, ten new songs which were written during and around two visits with his mother in 2014 and 2015 to care for his aunt in Tennessee. whose health was failing, and, who passed away during the second visit. There is a narrative that runs through the album creating a delightful and sometimes poignant atmosphere

Exceptional musicianship is a key component of the success of the album. Boz’s self deprecating comment that he writes “simple songs” with a “limited style” doesn’t quite fit with the quality of the album. It is beautifully arranged with well known musical elements being evident but not obvious.

Haywards work generally splits into three broad areas – his more strident punky work, the cinematic soundtrack vignettes, and this more song based approach. One can find excellence in all three strands of his output but this perhaps the place where hopefully he will get the attention and recognition he deserves.

Both releases will be available on Bandcamp and the usual digital outlets. We aim to have a CD version of the Boz Hayward album available on our Merch page in due course.

TT artwork 3000x3000 with title

Limited number of Paths to the Shore CD now available for purchase

In anticipation of the release of the new EP “Terminals” we have made available the remaining 20 copies of the limited edition CD of  Issac Navaro‘s debut album “Paths to the Shore” on our Bandcamp page. Issac’s unique mix of ambient post-rock, dance  and electronica has proved highly popular and is one of our best selling releases to date.


The album has received widespread critical acclaim and significant airplay from a range of radio stations and podcasters. Competitively priced at £6 with free p&p for UK purchasers you can secure a copy from our Bandcamp Page linked below.

Any and all money accrued through sales of this album go towards the First Base food bank in Dumfries.


Dystopia vs Utopia

Dumfries, Scotland based band The Screaming Love Collective release their second album of 2017 with “Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now” this June. Whilst the former album “Spirit Radio” channeled the optimism of post World War 2 youth, the new one takes a far more dystopian view of things with the realization that the jet-packs and space travels we were promised back in the golden age of Science Fiction haven’t arrived yet. Utopia has been postponed!

With sixteen tracks coming in at just over an hour the band, under the guidance of project leader Bryn Thorburn, deliver their “Psychedelic Post Punk Dark Disco Groove Sensation” sound mixing a range of genres and styles to create and exciting new listening experience which bridges genres.

Copies of the first album Spirit Radio are still available

The new album includes previous single releases “People Make People” and “This Tragic Universe” and clearly demonstrates the diversity and inventiveness of this great band.

Release date is June 23rd via Bandcamp and all the usual digital outlets….


Kit B – 6

On the 28th of July we will be releasing the first of a series of 6 new songs  by those wonderful Mancunians Kit B.  The 5 other songs will be released monthly until December.

The first track is entitled ‘Shapes’ and will be available to download  from Bandcamp and the usual digital stores. CD, limited edition lime green vinyl, and, green cassette versions will also be available direct from the band and at gigs.