German Shepherd Newsletter 52 – Auster Boys, Inferior Complex and KIT B

Welcome to our weekly news which this time lets you know about our three August 2nd releases.

Auster Boys –  Reversing Into The Holoscene

The masters of psychogeography and the art of the flâneur are back with a three track EP “”Reversing Into the Holocene”. The title track is a stinging attack on the regressive policies of the Tory government and the other main track “Autopsychogeography” applies metafictional processes to journeys across Greater Manchester and the villages of West Northamptonshire blurring locations and times. The set is completed by a dub version of the title track. In a unique approach to the melding of spoken word and electronica the Austers celebrate their sporting, literary and musical heroes.
Austers on Facebook – @austerboys

Inferior Complex I Dream (Remix)

Southampton trio Inferior Complex return with a stunning remix of the track “I Dream” from their debut album.
Inferior Complex are

Raymond Missons – bass guitar and vocals
Andrew Missons – Arp omni 2 and guitar
Paul Jenman – drums

Additional production and arrangement in this instance was by Alex Bradley.

I Dream was originally recorded at Sound on Sound Southampton March 2017 an included in the “In My Life” album

The band have series of gigs coming up – see our gig list below
You can find them on Facebook at @arp2011

Kit B Singles and Obscure B-Sides

With a new line-up in rehearsal we thought it would be a good idea to collect everything that we had released by KIT B to date in a tidy little package. Exclusively available on digital sites only this twelve track collection includes singles, ep tracks and compilation tracks showcasing some of the finest alternative popular music in Manchester. Core members Danny Cusick (The Hidden Gem, Crab Dance GIs) and John Montague (The Junta, Positronik) are joined by a wide variety of excellent musicians including Night Operations Mike Powell to create stunning tunes with memorable hooks and melodies.
You can find them on Facebook – @kitbband
KIT B Compilation


The Bury branch of HMV is now stocking Vinyl and CD versions of Adventures of Salvador’s “Welcome To Our Village” under their “Local Artist” promotion.
AOS Bury


Why not catch one of our bands live……details below

  • 27th – Umbrella Assassins and Bouquet of Dead Crows play Pimjam festival at the Rose and Crown, Haverhill
  • 28th – Monkeys In Love celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at The Klondyke Club, Levenshulme, Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande also play – afternoon show between 1pm and 5pm
  • 28th – Angry! play Friend Festival, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 5LI
  • 31st – The Junta, and Jed play The Peer Hat


  • 3rd – Adventures of Salvador play Movers & SHAKERS Festival at The Longfield Suite Prestwich to support Forever Bury and Help Save Bury Football Club.
  • 9th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 9th – Toska Wilde plays Margate Pride Rock at Elsewhere, 21-22 The Centre, Margate
  • 10th – The Ombudsmen, Four Candles, Adventures of Salvador and Mark Corrin play Yerrr Bar, Manchester
  • 16th – Keltrix play The Green Man, Granchester
  • 24th – Umbrella Assassins play Rugfest, Haverhill
  • 25th – Toska Wilde and Brucie feature on the End of the Week Show in Sheppey FM before nipping around the coast to play at It Came From The Sea II at The Centre, Margate
  • 26th – Adventures of Salvador, Weimar and Pearl Divers play Glaston-Bury, Bury – venues and times to follow
  • 29th – Dominic Carlton Jones plays The Peer Hat, Manchester
  • 31st – The Mind Sweepers play Queen of the South Bar, Dumfries
  • 31st – Mark Corrin plays Alt Night at The Whip and Kitten, Rawtenstall


  • 7th – Inferior Complex play Railway Hotel, Yeovil
  • 13th – Inferior Complex play The White Swan, Aylesbury
  • 20th – The Harveys and Matthew Hopkins play The Peer Hat, Manchester
  • 20th – Weimar play The Boulevard, Wigan
  • 28th – Inferior Complex play The Victoria Gate, Taunton


  • 12th – Scissors play The Six Bells, Cambridge
  • 19th – The Junta plays at Hymns for Robots at the Golden Lion, Lancaster
  • 19th – Bouquet of Dead Crows play The Smokehouse, Ipswich. FREE ENTRY
  • 25th – The Parish Church Fire, Bouquet of Dead Crows, and Mark Corrin at Gullivers, Oldham Street, Manchester
  • 26th  – Toska Wilde plays CULT 13 – Underground Alternative Night at The Venue Southend.
  • 26th – Poppycock play the Castle Hotel, Manchester


  • 1st – Dominic Carlton-Jones plays Foundations Festival at Peer Hat/AATMA, Manchester
  • 1st – Bouquet of Dead Crows and The Parish Church Fire play The Blue Moon, Cambridge
  • 2nd – Weimar play Foundations Festival at Peer Hat/AATMA, Manchester
  • 14th – The Harveys and Four Candles play The Castle, Manchester
  •  30th – Adventures of Salvador and Weimar play The Globe, Glossop


  • 14th – The Harveys play The Peer Hat, Manchester with the legendary TV Smith


  • 1st – The Junta will be supporting TRUE ORDER at Sunbird Records, Darwin
  • 1st – The Harveys support The Monochrome Set at Jimmy’s Liverpool

Greetings from Abstercot U.K.

March 15th sees the first dual effort by Moff Skellington and Auster Boys. Titled “Greetings from Abstercot UK” the two track release brings together the pyschogeography of Auster Boys and the other worldly genre known as Eddodi. Auster North produced two funky electro backing tracks and Moff added a good portion of Abstercot magic to create something new entirely, here is a sneak preview…… we hesitate to add the usual RIYL thing as this is nothing like anything you have heard before, unless you live in Abstercot!

For the main release the single will feature the two tracks, for German Shepherd subscribers the release will include the two Auster Boys base tracks as an added bonus

The cover art shows the centres of Leeds, Northampton and Eccles – all Abstercot in their own way!

Abstercot UK Thumbnail

German Shepherd Records Newsletter #34 – Auster Boys, New Logo, and Gigs!

Hello and welcome to our latest newsletter

This week

– new Auster Boys album – “137 Heteronyms”
– new Logos/Branding
– Gigs


The Auster Boys are back with a new full length which incorporates some archive material from 1990/1 and brand new tracks. 50% of the release was originally on the cassette release “Year of the Hangover” and reveals the early 90s sound of the duo when the Roland R-5 Drum and Bass Machine was being used alongside guitar and keyboards – subject matter centres around the first Gulf War, the fractured landscape of John Major’s UK, and Stalin’s double. The other 50% is Auster 2019 constructed in Ableton with the focus being a flâneu expedition to Lisbon and looks at three key figures in Portugese history.

Auster Boys is Bob Auster South who writes the words and narrates them and Bob Auster North who does the musical side of things.

You can sample a couple of tracks from the release here:

137 heteronyms for ditto


It’s nearly our fifth birthday so we thought we would tidy up the kennel. Our talented friend Michael T. Scott (Staggs, m.t. scott) has redesigned our logo and as you can see we have given our website a bit of a facelift.


The final Meltdown of this season is on 30th January at the Peer Hat and features Four Candles, Mark Corrin (who is featuring music from his forthcoming album), Springfield Elementary, and Bobbie Peru. 1st February sees the launch of the new single from Weimar at The Eagle, Collier Street, Salford and also features Dominic Carlton Jones who will be receiving a special award on the night. A new gig has been announced for Scissors who will play at The Blue Moon, Cambridge on May 3rd with Goddamit Jeremiah and Beverley Kills.

Other upcoming gigs

2nd – Electric Cheese play The Ferret, Preston
2nd – The Get play a Storehouse Fundraiser at The Railway, Southend on Sea
9th – Scissors play NCI Club Cambridge (Cambridge Central Aid charity fundraiser, Scissors headlining, other acts TBC)
15th – Bouquet of Dead Crows play Bury Sound at Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
23rd – Electric Cheese play The Railway, Chorley
2nd – Four Candles, Johann Kloos and Rose Niland play the Peer Hat, Manchester, a benefit for Macmillan nurses as a memorial for Modal Roberts
2nd – Electric Cheese play The Village Inn, Skelmersdale
13th – Bouquet of Dead Crows play West Street Live Sheffield
16th – Bouquet of Dead Crows, The Scissors and Umbrella Assassins play The Smokehouse Ipswich.
23rd – Electric Cheese play The Ferret, Preston
29th – Bouquet of Dead Crows play The Blue Moon Cambridge + Burning Codes, Basement Strippers & Matt Hammond
20th – Toska Wilde plays The Venue, Southend On Sea