Selections from the Ion Morph set from Smoked Ears Will Not Grow Back


New Ion-Morph and Space Museum Collaboration Due

Friday 24th April sees the release of the latest four track collaboration between Ion-Morph and Space Museum. With subject matter ranging from a notorious Italian Film Director, hospitals, social care and obsession the duo have produced a memorable set of tunes echoing chill wave, mutant disco, John Barry, Tortoise and post-punk. Of the release the … Continue reading New Ion-Morph and Space Museum Collaboration Due

KP2 morphs into Ion-Morph

To mark the end of 2014 KP2 has announced that he will be working under a different name from 2015 onwards. New material under the name Ion-Morph will be forthcoming - a range of collaborations are being developed and exciting new partnerships will be let loose in the forthcoming months. Watch this space