Forthcoming releases on German Shepherd

Here are our planned releases for the next few weeks: 16th January  Zophocles - IV  (Bandcamp) IM-SM - The Wilsons & Don't Make Gods Of Men (Bandcamp) 23rd January Fall Fan Dave - Hamster Songs (Bandcamp) 30th January Moff Skellington - The Corduroy Bridge (Amazon/I-Tunes) 6th February West Coast Sick Line - The Road To … Continue reading Forthcoming releases on German Shepherd


Switched At Birth … Fruits and Roots released

Our latest two releases came out on 31st March 2014 "Switched At Birth" by The Stepbrothers is an album recorded in 1993 by legendary Manchester musicians Eddie Fenn, John Gill and Ian Moss. For a review of the album check out the Aural Delights Blog. "Fruits and Roots" is the latest release from lable main … Continue reading Switched At Birth … Fruits and Roots released