His mother called him Phil

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Modal (Phil) Roberts yesterday. He was one of the earliest collaborators to the German Shepherd  experiment and released two EPs and a joint project with Ian Moss (in his Ion-Morph phase)  before leaving us to form his own label “Altitude Records” as well as embark on a range of projects including “Alt. Karaoke” and “Polymatherapy”.  Always an entertaining and rule breaking DJ his radio shows often supported and promoted our early releases

Probably best known for his work with the latter versions of Marc Riley’s Creepers and the remarkable and memorable track “Derbyshire”  Modal was a talented multi-instrumentalist, artist, and film-maker.

We have set all Modals releases to pay what you want but and anyone does contribute to the music  we will donate the money to Cancer Research.




Down on the Pharm

We are utterly chuffed to bits to be working with Modal Roberts to release his EP “Disco Pharm”

Modal is a talented, and, very productive, artist and musician who has recently taken to the air as a DJ with a Monday night show on Colne Radio called “Altitude”.

Tune into the Modal Age at his website

And check out his new EP with German Shepherd “Disco Pharm” via the link below…….

Read Bob’s review of the EP here