Our 200th release

After two and a half years of operation Greater Manchester based not for profit label German Shepherd Records has reached the milestone of a 200th release.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion label owners Ian and Bob asked the artists on the roster to contribute material for a compilation album. As with previous milestone releases from the label all proceeds will be directed towards a charity, in this case the Salford based homelessness charity Coffee4Craig which is based in Weaste which is close to the German Shepherd kennel in Eccles.

The compilation contains seventeen tracks and consists of a wide variety of musical genres reflecting the eclectic release policy of the label. From the proto punk of The Get through the psychedelic disco punk grooves of the Screaming Collective, a massive piece of post-rock ambience from Issac Navaro, the alt folk of Keltrix, and the rock styliings of Berllin’s PrunX, amongst many others there is fascinating musical variety from all over the UK, and all the way from Berlin. We are very grateful to JD Meatyard for contributing a track from his new album “Collectivise”. There are brand new tracks, new versions of previously released tracks, and remixes!

The artists contributing to the release are

The Get
JD Meatyard
The Screaming Love Collective
m.t. scott
Issac Navaro
Moff Skellingon
The Junta
Space Mueum
House Mouse
Toska Wilde
Pearl Divers
Night Operations
The Electric Cheese
Bouquet of Dead Crows
Dominic Carlton Jones

The stunning artwork for the release was contributed by Andy Quayle (Moff Skellington).

Sample track “Come On” from The Screaming Love Collective :

The compilation is released on August 11th and people are asked to pay £3 or more via Bandcamp. There will be wider distribution via Amazon, I Tunes, Spotify and many other digital platforms but the album will be priced higher through those platforms.
All profits net of distribution costs will be directed towards Coffee4Craig.
Cover for 200

Odd Pop

Those of you who follow our releases will recognise the work of Nemo from his collaborations with KP2 and more recently Ion-Morph.  We are pleased to announce the release of a complete album of instrumentals from  Nemo entitled “The Shadow Of A Blue Snail”. Over 22 vignettes Nemo moves through jazzy Zappa licks, brutal post punk guitar pieces, atmospheric ambience and off-kilter mood pieces.

As the liner notes say:

Do you like minimal ?
This album may well be for you
Do you like structures that are feline and unpredictable
This album may well be for you
Do you like pop music that’s a little bit odd?
This album may well be for you
Do you like John Fahey and Brian Eno ?
This album may well be for you
Do you like good music ?
Welcome to the world of Nemo

An established musician, Nemo embraces anonymity for these recordings with German Shepherd and we fully respect him for that, there is no presumption, no second guessing and plenty of aural surprises.


Switched At Birth … Fruits and Roots released

Our latest two releases came out on 31st March 2014

“Switched At Birth” by The Stepbrothers is an album recorded in 1993 by legendary Manchester musicians Eddie Fenn, John Gill and Ian Moss. For a review of the album check out the Aural Delights Blog.

“Fruits and Roots” is the latest release from lable main man KP2 – this time with multi-instrumentalist Nemo. For a review of the EP also check the Aural Delights Blog.

Switched at Birth_Cover