The English Disease – A Virtual Gig

There are of course more pressing issues than introducing a band right now as we struggle against a global pandemic, but, The English Disease,  having readied themselves for their debut and with a run of gigs to follow that have had to be cancelled/postponed,  decided to invite our trusty man with a camera Paul G Forshaw to their  rehearsal room to document their sound.

A very new and exciting band. Treat this as a virtual gig……let us know what you think!

Bang Bang Maxwell -drums
Maximus Volume – guitar
Max Factor – voice

To clarify what is going on we invited Max Factor to introduce each of the songs in the set:

Is that punk rock enough for ya?  :  fed up with being told what ‘ I is ‘ and what ‘ I ain’t ‘ this is a riposte to the soulless fakes and plastic conservatives who uphold the rules of punk orthodoxy.

Sex Pigs : creepy middle aged men sliding right up tight against pretty young things at gigs

Crypto Queen : the One com scam , persuasive and lucrative but not for the investors

Bad Acid : what it says on the tin , life can be a bum trip and we all need to love and be loved.

Politic dog : there is no escape for any of us , politics, like it or not, affects every thing we do , for those who don’t care it may be time you did .

20 minutes in Mostar  :  a memory , a true tale of visiting a country on the brink of war and playing a game of football with innocent children , did they survive the horror that awaited them ?



Introducing The English Disease

The English Disease is a new bass free trio featuring

Bang Bang Maxwell -drums
Maximus Volume – guitar
Max Factor – voice

You can catch them live at the following events

  • Monday 23rd March , the Hatch , Sheffield
  • Sunday 26th April , Oldham, Strummercamp Shangri-La stage
  • Thursday 4th June , Salford , The Eagle with The Sandells and JD Meatyard
  • Saturday 6th June – Stockport , Pressure Drop studios as part of Shockportia 2 (afternoon gig)

Riff heavy with funky rock beats and a touch of math-prog breaks they are well worth checking out – imagine Buddy Holly on steroids plus King Crimson in a blender with The Butthole Surfers and Don Van Vliet and you are somewhere adjacent sound wise.