Another pesky one off single

Pending a new full length offering from The Parasite Mr Moss and Mr Osborne have put together a couple of new songs which reflect the state of the world at the moment.
Pimple comments on the Donald’s seeming wish to be Jim Jones a couple of weeks back, he has of course got worse since then and gone even more full on bonkers
My Culture is about cultural appropriation and an ironic statement, at least musically, about the Twitterati’s holier than thou attitude over certain things……
It’s a free download thing but anyone who wants to pay anything we’ll send the money over to the Peer Hat Manchester, our favourite gigging spot,  to help them survive the current thing.


May 29th releases – The Junta, Mesmer Disciples and The Parasite


This week we have news of three releases for you, all digital, all coming out on May 29th.


Salford’s master of techno is back with a brand new tune which is from his forthcoming album “J3”.

Guaranteed to make you want to do the boogaloo this one is a guaranteed dancefloor (or living room carpet) fave!


Leeds finest proponents of alternative guitar rock are back with a fascinating new single “Chosen Child”.

Sadly the band are still without a singer so have chosen to use found sounds to compliment their intricate and emotive compositions.  We love the music this band make and we hope you will to!



Brewed in Mossley and Eccles over several months the new album from The Parasite is called “Social Validation Feedback Loop”

Politics , sexuality, fame and it’s attendant problems, extinction and identity, are all subjects in this collection of new pieces.

Non genre specific it weaves it’s way across several styles and influences to create a unique listening experience.



Bouquet of Dead Crows third podcast is released this Friday and includes an interview with Stewart Harris all round ace designer and bass man with The Scissors and Goddamit Jeremiah. The band are also on the next episode of Dave Hammond Smelly Flowerpot on Cambridge 105.

Moff Skellington to putting together a users guide to his new album “Wading With The Help Donkeys” which will be available in podcast format soon.

…and we will be back next week with details on releases from Moongoose and Crab Dance GIs

New music from The Parasite and a Bouquet of Dead Crows Subscriber Special plus Gigs In March…..


Our next release, on March 13th, is a digital only album by The Parasite called “Keep The Future Safe”. It will be available from Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and many more digital outlets.

The Parasite is a project involving Ian Moss (Four Candles, The English Disease, 2 Lost Souls), and, Bob Osborne (Space Museum, Auster Boys, Passage of Time).

The latest release from the duo comprises eight new tunes which combines Moss’s spoken word/vocal delivery and lyrical dexterity, with Osborne’s unique take on sound design.

With subjects ranging from that boy in the Tank Top behind David Bowie, performing Star Man, on Top of The Pops (a seminal cultural moment), via urban decay, a tribute to Pete Shelley, and downside of being a Good Samaritan. This is another collection of music which we like to describe as Different Noises For Your Ears.


As a studio only band there is no plan for any live performances of this album.


Our subscriber special for March is a selection of early mixes of tracks from the new album by Bouquet of Dead Crows. Six tracks from part 1 the new album “Hemispheres”, a collection called “Celestial”, are presented alongside a four way commentary from Neil, Toni, Andy and Karen from the band giving some insight into the creation of the music and its subject matter.

This music will not be available anywhere else and only subscribers to the label will be able to access this unique collection.

If you want to subscribe to our label – it’s only £40 a year for a minimum of 40 releases over 12 months, plus the majority of our back catalogue absolutely free;  there’s also 10% off merch and subscriber specials like this one –  then follow this LINK.

We will releasing an exclusive Bandcamp only collection of part 1 of the new album next month so non-subscribers will have to wait that little bit longer for the new music.  The band will launch “Celestial” at a gig at The Blue Moon, Cambridge on April 4th.  Here are a couple of live examples of what to expect from the new album …..



We have a busy month ahead for gigs

8 Mar 2020 – The Spinning Top 20 Wellington Road South, SK4 1AA Stockport

13 Mar 2020 – Railway Inn (Didsbury), 3 Lapwing Ln, Manchester M20 2NT, UK

Inferior Complex
14 Mar 2020 – The Acoustic Couch, 11 Market St, Bracknell RG12 1JG, UK

The Mind Sweepers with The Red Propellers
14 Mar 2020 – The Peer Hat, 14-16 Faraday St, Manchester M1 1BE, UK

Rose and the Diamond Hand
20 Mar 2020 – The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom St, Salford M3 6AN, UK

Four Candles and Adventures of Salvador
20 Mar 2020 – The Salty Dog, 23 High St, Northwich CW9 5BZ, UK

The English Disease
23 Mar 2020 – The Hatch Sheffield

Kit B and Inferior Complex
26 Mar 2020 – The Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7AN, UK

Inferior Complex and Bouquet of Dead Crows
29 Mar 2020 – The Smokehouse, South Street Studios 6 South Street, Ipswich IP1 3NU, UK


Newsletter 40 : 26th April Release from The Parasite, Subscribe, What’s Coming, and, Gigs!


We are pleased to announce the latest release from The Parasite

The Parasite are Ian Moss (Hamsters, Four Candles) and Bob Osborne (Space Museum, Auster Boys) who just happen to co-own German Shepherd Records. They have appeared in various guises before – The Parasite being their latest vehicle to purvey their mix of spoken word, heartfelt vocalese and sound design.

The latest release, a ten track album, is called “All Limitations Are Self-Imposed is released on 26th April in digital format via Bandcamp and distributed by Ditto to over 30 platforms including Spotify, You Tube, Amazon etc


The album reflects the usual Parasite themes – the dark worlds behind the shiny veneer of pop music, revenge, identity, politics, and the state of the nation. Musically the album veers between various genres and presents the duo’s off-kilter “tempo ignoring” attacks on perceived wisdom of what melody and rhythm should conform to.

Previous releases by The Parasite are available from the German Shepherd Records Bandcamp page.

The Parasite can be reached on Facebook


With our subscription, you can get all of our new releases for just £40 a year (less than a pound a week!), while supporting our label and our roster of great artists directly. Given we release over 40 items a year this is a great value for money choice.

If you would like to pay more for you subscription you can. The more generous you are the more we can do!

German Shepherd is owned, operated and funded by us, on a not for profit basis We pride ourselves on being grass-roots, DIY and artist-focused. We started in 2014 and have been slowly growing a fan base and getting the support of a selection of friendly DJs and bloggers who feature what we do. However changes in the music industry, and price increases, have made it harder than ever for small labels like ours to stay in business in today’s climate. Your subscription directly helps us to continue releasing great music and in turn support some of the best underground artists out there.

When you subscribe you’ll get a load of great music and special offers

– All new releases automatically added to your Bandcamp account and available to download
– A selection of OVER 100 items from our back catalogue completely free when you first sign up
– A 10% discount on merch items including CDs, T-Shirts and Gig Tickets
– Special releases which are only available to subscribers – they will not be sold anywhere else
– Regular blog updates from us on what we are up to

All income, after admin fees from Bandcamp, goes direct to the bands, or to the nominated charity we are supporting on specific releases.



What’s coming soon from the Kennel

19/4/19 Mark Corrin Pub Bin
26/4/19 The Parasite All limitations are self imposed
3/5/19 Moff Skellington The Pukes of a Hot Cloister
3/5/19 The Parish Church Fire Hunger
10/5/19 The Scissors Live at the Smokehouse
17/5/19 Loop -Aznavour President of the Noise Abatement Society
24/5/19 sycloner Not Without You
24/5/19 sycloner Lost and Found


Although it’s not one of our gigs Ian is appearing with Simon Ding Archer as Unseasonal Beasts as part of the MASS Assembly project from Manchester Uni at The Castle Hotel on May 8th. It is a free event but you need to register for a ticket on the event page.


  • 18th – Inferior Complex play The Facebar, Reading
  • 20th – Toska Wilde plays The Venue, Southend On Sea
  • 26th – Mark Corrin plays The Railway, Didsbury


  • 1st to 31st – Moff Skellington has an art exhibition at Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Park, Checkley, Hertfordshire
  • 3rd – The Scissors play The Blue Moon, Cambridge
  • 4th – Positronik and Pearl Divers play Music on the Market Place, Buxton
  • 4th – The Mind Sweepers play The Frunge Festival, The Elmerglen Hotel, Thornhill
  • 5th – Keltrix play The Green Man Brew Ballyhoo, Granchester
  • 7th – Ian Moss performs in Unseasonal Beasts project with Simon “Ding” Archer at the Castle Hotel, Manchester as part of the MASS assembly event.
  • 10th – Adventures of Salvador play Ramsbottom Cricket Club
  • 11th – Keltrix play The Haymakers, Cambridge (Acoustic Set)
  • 18th -Weimar play the Eagle, Salford supporting St Lucifer
  • 24th – Four Candles play Strummercamp at Oldham Rugby Club
  • 25th – Sam Smith plays Strummercamp at Oldham Rugby Club


  • 1st – Keltrix play Strawberry Fair, Midsummer Common, Cambridge
  • 5th – The Junta plays West Street Live, Sheffield
  • 7th – The Parish Church Fire  and Four Candles are playing The Eagle, Salford
  • 7th – Inferior Complex play The Alexandra, Southampton
  • 15th – The Mind Sweepers are supporting JD Meatyard at Leith Depot Edinburgh tickets are £5 with £1 going to local homeless charity.
  • 21st – Weimar play The Eagle, Salford
  • 24th – The Junta plays The Peer Hat, Manchester with Lucky + Love.
  • 26th – Dominic Carlton Jones plays Cuckoo Calling (Featured Artist) Bury New Road, Prestwich
  • 28th


  • 4th-6th – The Mind Sweepers play Electric Festival, Drumlanrig Castle (North West of Dumfries off the A76
  • 5th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 5th – Inferior Complex play The Shooting Star, Southampton
  • 13th – Umbrella Assassins play The Smokehouse, Ipswich
  • 13th – Electric Cheese play Indiefest 2019 at The Boulevard, Wigan
  • 19th –  The Scissors with Ember Rev at Blue Moon Cambridge
  • 20th – Keltrix play Whoosh Festival, The Missing Sock, Sto-Cum-Quy
  • 28th – Monkeys In Love celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at The Klondyke Club, Levenshulme – afternoon show between 1pm and 5pm


  • 9th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 10th – Weimar play Scarborough Apollo
  • 16th – Keltrix play The Green Man, Granchester
  • 25th – Toska Wilde plays It Came From The Sea II at The Centre, Margate

German Shepherd Records Newsletter #31 – The Parasite, It’s A Dog’s Life, Inferior Complex, Adventures of Salvador, and Gigs!

Hello and welcome to the latest newsletter from German Shepherd Records

We will be taking a well deserved break between now and January so this is the last newsletter for 2018.

This week

  • The Parasite release charity single and EP
  • German Shepherd artists get together to raise money for charity
  • Inferior Complex release new single
  • Adventures of Salvador join German Shepherd for a single release, offer debut album as a free download
  • Line-up for Manchester Meltdown Night 4 confirmed
  • Gigs


The Parasite have released a one off single called “Wooden Huts” which aims to raise money for the homelessness charity Crisis.

See here for details

Wooden Huts Cover

The Parasite will also be releasing a four track EP on 21st December called Culture Wars – music inspired by the individual members of the influential band Throbbing Gristle forms the basis of the release with words from Ian Moss an integral part of the overall concept. With subjects as disparate as American Gangsters, anger management, assassins and coping with later life, there is a heady mix of vibrant wordplay and musical tricks and puzzles.

Culture Wars


We return with one of our regular charity compilations – this one is called “It’s A Dog’s Life” and features stunning cover art from Moff Skellington. With a sizeable number of our roster involved we have a mix of brand new tracks, alternative mixes and new versions of old favourites. This will be released on 21st December and all proceeds will be donated to Mary’s Meals charity. A bandcamp only SPECIAL EDITION will include additional tracks from The Get and Sam Smith.

Featured artists are:

  • The Parasite
  • Umbrella Assassins
  • Bouquet of Dead Crows
  • The Get
  • The Scissors
  • Issac Navaro
  • Inferior Complex
  • The Mind Sweepers
  • Kit B
  • Mistletoe
  • Auster Boys
  • The Junta
  • The Screaming Love Collective
  • Positronik
  • m.t. scott
  • Sleeping Ducks
  • Lizard Brain
  • Sam Smith

IADL cover small


Inferior Complex finish the year for us with a heartfelt tribute to the Missons brothers late mother Audrey. Called “Always In My Heart” the song marks the anniversary of Audrey’s passing this time last year combining the bands signature post-punk sound with emotive lyrics. The single releases as digital only on 28th December. They will be back with a new release next year.



We are extremely pleased to announce that we are working with the North West’s Kings of Punk Surf the mighty Adventures of Salvador to release the first single from their forthcoming second album “Welcome To Our Village”. Including existing German Shepherd artist Loop-Aznavour on vocals, keys and theremin, the band has built a well deserved reputation as a must see live experience with the immense bass of Nigel Beck, the fluid guitar of Mark Berry, and Mike Smith’s powerhouse drumming. The single is called “Retroman” and will be released on 9th January coinciding with the bands appearance at Manchester Meltdown 2 at the Peer Hat. Manchester on that very day. Pending that the band are offering a free download of their debut album Chocolates and Drugs – check out this offer on website on the music player – just select down and pay what you like. The offer is open until December 31st – LINK





The line-up for the fourth night of 2019’s Manchester Meltdown on 23rd January has been confirmed with a very strong show featuring Rose and the Diamond Hand, Bang up to the Elephant, Matthew Hopkins and Four Candles. The show runs from 8pm to 11pm and it’s a mere £3 to get in


Forthcoming gigs featuring our artists ………

19th – Aidan Cross of Weimar plays Glossop Labour Club at the launch of Brian Gorman’s New Dawn Fades book. Free entry and 7pm start.
2nd – Manchester Meltdown Series 2 at the Peer Hat. Only £3 featuring Saturn Mansion. Weimar, Trancedental Equations, and Four Candles
6th – The Mind Sweepers play the Big Burns Supper at The Hub, Dumfries
9th – Manchester Meltdown Series 2 at the Peer Hat. Only £3 featuring St Lucifer, Adventures of Salvador, Emily Oldfield and Four Candles
16th – Manchester Meltdown Series 2 at the Peer Hat. Only £3 featuring Poppycock, Factory Acts, Mystery Guest, and Four Candles
23rd – Manchester Meltdown Series 2 at the Peer Hat. Only £3 featuring Rose and the Diamond Hand, Matthew Hopkins, Bang Up The Elephant and Four Candles
30th – Manchester Meltdown Series 2 at the Peer Hat. Only £3 featuring Springfield Elementary, Bobbie Peru, Elastikbande and Four Candles
1st – Weimar launch their debut single at The Eagle, Salford with support from Dominic Carlton Jones
9th – Scissors play NCI Club Cambridge (Cambridge Central Aid charity fundraiser, Scissors headlining, other acts TBC)
15th – Bouquet of Dead Crows play Bury Sound at Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
2nd – Four Candles, Johann Kloos and Rose Niland play the Peer Hat, Manchester, a benefit for Macmillan nurses as a memorial for Modal Roberts

A partly political broadcast on behalf of the Parasite party

Last Friday in Manchester…..

Revellers stuff their faces with overpriced sausages.nuts and alcohol outside Wooden Huts in City Centre Manchester where mere yards away homeless people shiver in shop doorways in damp sleeping bags.

This is so very wrong in a so called first world country.

It struck us that the homeless might use the Wooden Huts as some form of temporary shelter, and our more anarchistic inner monologues even suggested knocking down the Huts and using them for firewood to keep the rough sleepers warm. These ideas are covered in Moet’s lyrics.

However temporary solutions, a bit like the Huts themselves, aren’t the answer, so we would like to give you the chance to donate to a homeless charity by buying our musical offering. All the money raised from this release will be sent to Crisis after we have paid our admin fees to Bandcamp and Paypal.

A donation of £28.18 to Crisis will give someone this Christmas
-A warm welcome and good company
-Three nutritious, hot meals daily, including a delicious Christmas dinner
-A bed for the night, if needed
-A chance to shower, freshen up and get clean clothes
-A health check and treatment from a doctor, optician and dentist
-Expert help with mental health and addiction problems
-Advice on housing, employment and benefits
-A way out of homelessness for good through Crisis’ year-round training, education and support.

We have 800 followers on Facebook – if each of them donated £1 we could help over 20 people.

German Shepherd Newsletter #19 – The Parasite, Dominic Carlton Jones, Ian Moss goes Cabaret, Moff Skellington Hits Manchester, Bob gets All About Jazz slot

Hello and welcome to the weekly newsletter from German Shepherd Records.

This week

– The new album from The Parasite
– Dominic Carlton Jones debut album
– Ian Moss plays first outing of new Cabaret event
– Moff Skellington Hits Manchester
– Bob O gets slot on prestigious All About Jazz Website
— Gig Highlights


The duo of Osborne and Moss – aka The Parasite – are back with a new eight track album entitled “Dilemma”. With the usual blend of alternative electronica and heartfelt spoken word/vocals the pair have delivered yet another fascinating collection. Released on 28th September in download version only the music takes an altogether more funky direction on a couple of tracks. Said Osborne “I wanted to shake things up a bit on this one with more variation in style and direction.” Moss covers his usual range of seemingly inward looking self examination which in reality is a blistering attack on culture, media, and politics.


Salford singer-songwriter Dominic Carlton Jones releases his debut album on October 5th. Titled “Salford Punk Poetry Sadness Death New Life” the nine track release combines spoken word, instrumentals, deeply personal songs and some ambient pieces to create a truly eclectic listening experience. Commenting on the album and his experience with German Shepherd Dominic said:

” 8 months from being welcomed by German Shepherd I’m pleased to say I’m enjoying life on the label.Getting to know the music of the artists. Meeting those concerned and still feeling a genuine thrill to be a part of this movement and scene.

In that time space my EP was well received and achieved some comparative success in terms of sales and genuine appreciation from those connected. I went on to contribute the song “Cats front door “ to the 200 compilation album and The music for “like a poet dies “with Ian Moss and once again genuinely thrilled to be involved here.

My new music is the album:’Salford Punk Poetry Sadness Death New Life” ,which hinges around my fathers death from bowel cancer in January of this year and goes on to explore themes of belonging,spirituality loss,.geographical connection and life after death.It’s a challenging and thought provoking album bringing together an eclectic style of musical forms which I’ve always striven to as an ethic.”

More details on this excellent album will be released next week.

Dom CD Thumbnail


Ian Moss has announced his involvement in the new Manchester Legends series starting on October 25th with “El Manisero” at the Innside in Manchester. Ian will be “invoking the great beast” with assistance from the talented musical hands of Mark Corrin. With what looks to be an eclectic evening of entertainment including Carmel and Hewan Clarke we wait with bated breath to hear what Ian has concocted for this occasion.


El Manisero


Master of eddodi, music and art Moff Skellington is travelling over from Leeds on 11th October for an evening of music and art. Songs, poems, and a lantern show will be part of what promises to be a fascinating of evening of humour, surreal imagery and avant garde music. The venue is the Peer Hat and the event is priced at £3.50 commencing at 7:30pm.

Moff Manc October


German Shepherd co-owner Bob Osborne has secured a slot on the prestigious All About Jazz website in their radio section. His weekly show on Analogue Trash Radio will now be a regular feature on the site.

Bob said “World of Jazz is a weekly two hour radio show dedicated to covering the best in new releases from around the world, together with dips into my rather large collection of jazz music collected over the last 45 years. There is usually a focus on one newly released album as well as a detailed look at one specific jazz artist in each show. There are no genre barriers to what gets featured on the show although I do tend to lean towards more ground-breaking artists. The show is broadcast live on Analogue Trash Radio at 8pm (UK Time) every Sunday.”

More details at All About Jazz Radio


We have a healthy set of gigs coming up for the rest of the month

  • 21st – Four Candles, Poppycock and Charlie Marshall play The Peer Hat, Manchester
  • 21st – Drink and Drive play The Old Pint Pot, Salford
  • 25th – Inferior Complex play The Joiners, Southampton
  • 27th – Inferior Complex play Ferndown RBL
  • 27th – Electric Cheese support Tom Hingley at Preston Guildhall
  • 28th – Inferior Complex play The Shooting Star, Southampton
  • 28th – The Strays play Park Hotel, Wigan – Musicians Against Homelessness gig
  • 29th – Four Candles play Salford Music Festival at The Gilda Brook Social Club, Weliington Road, Monton, Eccles
  • 29th – The Strays play The Jolly Collier, Heanor
  • 29th – Boz Hayward plays Levenshulme Market, Manchester (afternoon gig)
  • 29th – Bouquet of Dead Crows Play Deepdale Festival, Norwich
  • 30th – Keltrix play Camboaters River Festival, Jesus Green, Cambridge, 6pm