News, and lots of it!!

We live in strange and interesting times which means that our usual plans can often be changed at the last minute to accommodate the circumstances.

We had planned on telling you about just one release this week but events and their impact and consequences has lead us to a slightly different state of affairs.

So, we have four announcements in total  this week.

Lets start with the one we were planning to announce……


Dusty Moonan returns with West Coast Sick Line after a more than two year wait – the last release was 2018’s album “Flat of Engels” – with a brand new five track   EP called “Colour Climax”.

Trademark Sick Line biting wit and slightly dangerous humour are in play for a great set of new tunes. The best description is alternative rock with a pop edge, Pounding beats, great guitars and riffs, and catchy melodies are to the fore for this set. Perhaps the overall sound is a little heavier and a touch more in your face than previous releases.

It’s mostly Dusty on his own this time with the main man providing  vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards. Main support is from Dragan Rolivic who adds Mandolin on track 3, Backing vocals on track 5 and  drums throughout, as well as mixing the release. Further support comes from Mark Shrieves who plays  Bass on track 4.

The whole affair was recorded at recorded at Tucky Park Studios,in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

It will be released to the world as a download only on June 12th.



One of the great things about owning your own record label is that you can make fairly quick decisions about when and what you can release.

A new four track from Four Candles was recorded with Simon “Ding” Archer at 6dB Studios in Salford just before lockdown.

With the ongoing impact of the lockdown materially affecting some of the important players in the live music business in Manchester the band took the view that their latest recordings ought to try and assist the financial impact on the venue that has been both the label and our musicians main provider of somewhere to play and present what we do. That venue is The Peer Hat, in Manchester City Centre, and all the proceeds from the Bandcamp sales of the new release “Alternative Golf” will be dedicated to that wonderful place with the hope that when the current situation has been resolved we can see Nick, Dom and co.  up and running again as soon as possible.

There are four tracks on the EP, one of which, Loose Lips,  was previously released as a live recording from the Yerrrr bar in Manchester.

Opener Doughnuts, with a video already up on You Tube, saw it’s live debut at The Eagle in Salford around a year ago with a memorable impromptu set of backing vocals from Julia and Anne from Matthew Hopkins performed from the audience. Basket Case is a typical punk infused rant and closer Requiem is a stunning attack on failings in the Care system for vulnerable people. All in all a great set of tunes.

Release date: June 5th – download only.




If the decision on the Four Candles release was quick then we approached warp speed on the new release from 2 Lost Souls.

The behaviour of a certain individual and his boss sparked a flurry of activity on Sunday May 24th. The two Paul’s laid down guitars and bass and Ian added his trademark vocals to a pointed attack on the self-styled elite that “run” the country at the moment. Within two hours the finished track was sent to Bandcamp for release and sharing with the world.  A few hours later Ged Babey had penned a review for Louder Than War.

The release is offered for free on Bandcamp with a pay what you want option. Any money raised will as with the Four Candles release be dedicated to supporting The Peer Hat.


and finally…..


NYC and Manchester have proud and distinct musical heritages , think of The Velvet Underground and the Fall , The Ramones and Buzzcocks , Suicide and Joy Division all different in location and output and yet there is something similar in terms of attitude that links them.

Fuzzy Warbles and German Shepherd as labels existing on separate sides of the Atlantic Ocean still share an ethos of releasing and promoting music of true quality by artists who exist outside the mainstream making music out of love and emotional necessity rather as a career choice , both champion the underdog.

And so what does a musical collision between these two cities , these music capitals sound like ? With the world in lockdown they decided , with the aid of smart phones and laptops, to find out.

Ben from Fuzzy Warbles and Ian from German Shepherd swapped ideas and wrote four songs long distance.  Happy with what they had created, they were recorded and, for  our fourth release this week, we give you rumbling synths, guitars that sting, and acid tongued vocals. We welcome you to the cross pollinated world of Cosmic Panthers and the EP Ball The Wall.

Fuzzy Warbles will release the EP in Cassette Format and provide digital download via Bandcamp. German Shepherd will facilitate wider distribution via A1 Music to all the major digital download and streaming sites. Release date is June 5th.


German Shepherd Gig Nights 2016

We are pleased to announce the return of our label themed nights which will be held at Dulcimer in Chorlton.

On Saturday, April 9th we will be featuring:

  • Aidan Cross
  • Poppycock
  • Taser Puppets
  • West Coast Sick Line

and on Saturday, May 14th will be featuring:

  • Alana Bondi
  • The Electric Cheese
  • Kit B
  • and one further act to be confirmed

We hope these will be the first of many nights to celebrate our label.

Stay tuned for more information





Forthcoming releases on German Shepherd

Here are our planned releases for the next few weeks:

16th January 

Zophocles – IV  (Bandcamp)

IM-SM – The Wilsons & Don’t Make Gods Of Men (Bandcamp)

23rd January

Fall Fan Dave – Hamster Songs (Bandcamp)

30th January

Moff Skellington – The Corduroy Bridge (Amazon/I-Tunes)

6th February

West Coast Sick Line – The Road To Billinge Hill : Expanded Edition (Amazon/I-Tunes)

13th February

KP2 – A Curiosity Of Cabinets (Amazon/I-Tunes)

Wilsons Gods




Babakin Live Album Released

As part of our ongoing “archive series” we are today releasing a live recording of the band Babakin from June 2001.

Captured live at Rhyl night spot “The Breeding Ground” Babakin features

Phil Taylor – Drums
Craig Cahill – Vocals
Mike Crossley – Bass

and West Coast Sick Line main man Dusty Moonan on Vocals & Guitar.

Dusty says of the release:

We had previously played The Breeding Ground in April (the now infamous Foot and Mouth ‘Culling Suits’ gig) and that performance had earned us a headline slot. Personally, I don’t like headlining as it means you have to stay relatively sober for most of the night. The running order was chaotic, some bands were late arriving and I recall there were also technical issues. We didn’t get on stage until about 1am, Craig was steaming and I think the other three so called instrumentalists of us weren’t far behind either. I really enjoyed this gig and personally it’s second only to our first performance in terms of how tight we were and response from the crowd. After eight years and multiple lineup changes (apart from Phil and myself) this would be our last ever gig as Babakin. But if we were to have only one decent live recording of any lineup, I’m glad it was this one.  

The album is bristling with energy, highlights Moonan’s song-writing skills, and contains a couple of current West Coast Sick Line favourites in “Blank Holiday” from the “Our Name On The Door” album and “She Rasp In Native Tongue” which has been re-recorded and features on our “Salford Streets” Charity Compilation.

West Coast Sick Line Second Album gets second outing

Influential North Wales combo West Coast Sick Line have their second album “Our Name On The Door” released via German Shepherd today. With a revised track listing and the addition of a new remix by sonic ubermensch  Space Museum the album is available as Pay What You Want.

WCSL main main Dusty Moonan says of the album:

We were now a solid three piece and rehearsing regularly. But those rehearsals usually ended up heavy drinking sessions and playing Shangri-Las covers.


However, I do think this album reflects that time pretty well. We call it our ‘party album’ and subconsciously, I think that’s where the album title comes from. It lacks a theme or even a direction, so the ideas for the songs are completely random. We would also practice the songs as a unit before recording them, as opposed to previously when they would receive a demo and go over their parts. This is most evident on ‘431’ where Stacey writes her own lines and I write mine.

‘Our Name on the Door’, was a real team effort, a lot of fun to make and hopefully this comes through on these recordings.

The album contains the original version of foot-stomping DJ favourite “Have You Ever Been To The North” which was recently remixed by Periscope and released on the Zozak label.

WCSL are currently finalising the recording of their new album which will also be released on German Shepherd and are also rehearsing for dates in the Summer and Autumnn.